Employee Assistance Program


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was established at UWM because family, marital, alcohol, drug, financial, stress, emotional, and other personal problems can affect the quality of an employee’s life at home and performance on the job. UWM has contracted with Empathia LifeMatters to provide this worthwhile employee benefit to all permanent employees and their immediate families/household members. LifeMatter’s professional staff will provide an assessment of an existing problem and, when necessary, a referral to treatment resources in the community.

Contacting LifeMatters will cost you nothing and no one will know of your contact. Should a LifeMatters counselor need to refer you to another specialist or facility, your health insurance plan may cover the cost of counseling or treatment. If insurance is not available or applicable, LifeMatters will help you to locate free-of-cost or affordable community resources.

Employees and their families are encouraged to take full advantage of the services that this program has to offer if personal problems arise. Help is immediately available in the following ways:

We believe that this, along with a listing of other work/life resources available on the Workplace Wellbeing page, is a significant benefit in UWM’s assistance to our employees. We hope that you will too.

LifeMatters Services Overview