Worker’s Compensation Toolkit

Worker’s Compensation Claim Process

Information for Employees

  • Early Return to Work Restrictions
  • Employee’s Work Injury and Illness Report LINK
  • Information for New Claimant Manual PDF
  • Labor Market Availability Restriction Statement LINK
  • Lost Time Fact Sheet PDF DOC
  • UW System Information for Employees LINK
  • Worker’s Compensation Mileage Record DOC
  • Writing Injury Descriptions Guideline PDF DOC

Information for Supervisors

  • Employer’s First Report of Injury or Disease PDF
  • General Incident Report UWM Employees and Student Employees DOC
  • How to Report Fraud LINK
  • Supervisor’s Accident Analysis and Prevention Report and Evaluation of Repetitive Motion and/or Materials Handling Activities LINK
  • UW System Information for Supervisors LINK
  • Writing Injury Descriptions Guideline PDF DOC

Information for Coordinators

  • UW System Information for Coordinators LINK

State of Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Resources

For more information, please contact the Worker’s Compensation Coordinator, Barbara Willkomm, at (414) 229-5652, or