HRS Access Questions

How can I obtain access to HRS?

For HRS view-only roles, submit a request to

For Time/Labor Approvers and/or Payroll Coordinators access is assigned via the Time/Labor Security functionality directly within HRS by divisional staff. Please contact the appropriate Personnel Representative for further assistance.

How do I access HRS?

For core HRS users the system can be accessed directly via the following URL:

HRS Employee and Manager Self-Service can be accessed via the MyUW Portal:

Why can I no longer access HRS?

Individual job or position changes (transfer/promotion/termination) will trigger automatic revocation of access within HRS. HRS roles/access will need to be re-provisioned. Send an e-mail to for further assistance.

All core HRS users are required to complete the HRS Security Awareness Course within 60 days of being granted HRS access, as well as on an annual basis. HRS/EPM access, including Employee Self-Service, will be locked for users who do not complete the course/quiz within this specified time period. Once confirmation is received that this security requirement has been met, the UW Service Center will be contacted to unlock access. Send an e-mail to for further assistance.

My One Time Password (OTP) device (fob/smart phone) is no longer working. What do I do?

Request a temporary password by visiting UW System Digital ID KnowledgeBase, and send an e-mail to for further assistance.

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