Title and Total Compensation Study

On behalf of all the institutions in the UW System, UW System Administration is undertaking a study of how UW employees are classified/titled and the total package of compensation they receive. UW is partnering with Mercer Consulting to conduct the study. The study will run for approximately two years in the following phases:

  1. Study planning and data gathering
  2. Classification/title review
  3. Compensation review
  4. Implementation of changes adopted from the study

For faculty, the classification/title review phase will have no impact; faculty will still be known as faculty and the existing faculty titles will not change. It is possible that opportunities to improve benefits for faculty may be identified in phase three of the study.

For other employment categories (academic staff, university staff, etc.), the classification/title review may result in different job classifications/titles. The study will analyze the classifications and titles into which positions are placed and explore possible new classifications and titles that make greater intuitive sense and identify clear potential career paths. In phase three, the salary ranges of positions and benefits associated with them will be studied with an expectation of establishing market-informed, best practices for total compensation.

The study is not a pay plan or a salary equity analysis. Individuals should not anticipate receiving a pay increase as a result of the study. The study is a means to classify/title positions more logically, with identified career paths, and with a current, market-informed compensation package.

Please note that the benefits under review in the study are only those for which UW has control, e.g., paid leave, and not benefits over which UW has no control, e.g., health insurance or the Wisconsin Retirement System.

To learn more about the study please visit UW System Administration’s page: Title and Total Compensation Study.