New and Current Employees Forms


  • Address Change DOC
  • Code of Conduct Policy PDF
  • Direct Deposit
  • Election to Participate in the Variable Trust Fund Form (ET-2356) LINK
  • Emergency Contact Change PDF
  • Employee Notice of Policy on Absenteeism and Tardiness PDF DOC
  • Employee Self-Identification
  • Employee Tuition Reimbursement: Policy Form
  • Flexible Spending Account Change of Election Form LINK
  • Gender Change DOC
  • HRS Person Data Change Form XLS
  • I-9 (Employment Eligibility)
  • Name Change DOC
  • Rehired Annuitant Election Form LINK
  • Reasonable Accommodation Request PDF
  • Telecommuting Work Option: Policy Form
  • University Staff Grievance: Policy Procedure Form
  • W-4 (Employee’s Withholding Allowance)

Salary/Pay Adjustments

  • Merit Guidelines Outside of a State of Wisconsin Pay Plan: Policy Memo Form
  • Non-Merit Related Salary Adjustment With/Without Title Change: Policy Form Pay Rate Definitions
  • Overload Approval Request: Policy Memo Form
  • Summer Overload Approval Request PDF DOC
  • TSA Salary Reduction Agreement Form LINK
  • UW System Inter-Institutional Overload Request LINK


  • Academic Staff Annual Evaluation PDF DOC
  • University Staff Performance Evaluation

    The performance evaluation templates provided below are designed to assist the supervisor in planning, evaluating, establishing goals and improving the performance of their employees. The evaluation process provides for constructive feedback to the employee. The end result may also support decisions about retention, promotion and merit pay increases.

    • Template 1 DOC
    • Template 2 DOC
    • Template 3 DOC
    • Template 4 DOC

Template Letters

  • Non-renewal Notice for Fixed Term Academic Staff with Greater Than 7 Years Service DOC
  • Non-renewal Notice for Fixed Term Academic Staff with Less Than 7 Years Service DOC
  • Non-renewal Notice for Probationary Academic Staff DOC