Retirement Benefits

Transition of Health Benefits into Retirement

Three months before your retirement date, schedule to meet with your benefits specialist to review and prepare for the transition of your health benefits into retirement. You may contact your benefits specialist by email: or phone (414) 229-5353.

Benefits Specialists are Assigned by Last Name

Last name beginning withBenefits Specialist
A – IGail Dukes
J – PLoree Krause
Q – ZSusan Voit

Financial Planning Vendors and Presentations

The UW System works with several financial planning vendors to provide retirement planning information and assistance.

Returning to Work After Retirement

  • After retiring from a Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) covered employer, you may consider returning to work as a “Rehired Annuitant” with a WRS covered employer. Be sure to review related provisions and any potential impacts to benefits.
  • Rehired Annuitant Overview