Current Employee Benefits

The University of Wisconsin, a Wisconsin public employer, offers a comprehensive benefits package; you may be entitled to participate in various benefit plans that UW Systems offers. The Department of Employee Trust Funds is the administrator for a number of benefit programs available through Wisconsin public employers.

Benefit eligibility and benefits packages vary according to appointment and appointment type. Refer to your appointment letter to confirm your appointment type. You can also read about appointment types on UW Systems Employee Categories page. Further detailed information about eligibility and benefits that may be available to you can be found on the UW System Benefits Administration website and the Department of Employee Trust Funds website. Please contact the UWM Benefits Office with any questions concerning your benefits or eligibility.

MyUW Portal

Access your MyUW portal to update your personal information, review your current benefits enrollment, review your payroll earnings statements for your benefits deductions, review available time off balances, or review your annual WRS statement (if eligible).

Benefits Specialists are Assigned by Last Name

Last name beginning withBenefits Specialist
A – IGail Dukes
J – PLoree Krause
Q – ZSusan Voit

Benefits Summaries

  • UW System Benefits Summaries LINK

Life Events

How family changes (e.g. marriage, domestic partnership, birth, adoption, divorce, death) affect your benefits.

  • UW System Family Changes LINK

How employment changes (e.g. retirement, termination, layoff, changes in appointment or percentage) affect your benefits.

  • UW System Employment Changes LINK

Certain benefit changes may be available at other times during the year or at annual benefits enrollment.

  • UW System Employee Benefits Home LINK

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

  • UW System AD&D Insurance LINK

Long Term Care Insurance

  • UW System Long Term Care Insurance LINK

Flexible Spending Accounts

  • UW System Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Overview LINK
  • UW System High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) Information LINK
  • HSA Brochure (information on eligible HSA expenses) LINK
  • Flexible Spending Account Change of Election Form LINK
  • TASC Online Landing Page LINK

Retirement and Savings Plans

  • Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)
    1. UW System Overview LINK
    2. Additional Contributions Publication (ET-2123) LINK
    3. Election to Participate in the Variable Trust Fund Form (ET-2356) LINK
  • Tax-Sheltered Annuity 403(b) Program (TSA)
    1. UW System Plan Summary LINK
    2. To enroll in the program:
      1. See TSA Enrollment
      2. Submit TSA Salary Reduction Agreement Form to the Benefits office
    3. To change or stop payroll deductions, submit the TSA Salary Reduction Agreement Form to the Benefits office
  • Wisconsin Deferred Compensation 457(b) Plan (WDC)
    1. UW System Plan Summary LINK
    2. To enroll in the program see WDC Enrollment
    3. To change or stop payroll deductions, contact WDC directly: