Advertising & Facility Reservations

All requests to post publicity/advertisements in University Housing facilities are handled by the Outreach Coordinator, assisted by Student Outreach Assistants. UWM organizations or departments that wish to advertise in University Housing should deliver its publicity materials (7 copies) to the University Housing Office (Sandburg C100). The Outreach team will evaluate if the material is suitable for posting, which venue is appropriate, and will post material in the proper location. Community organizations and commercial entities may also request advertising by the same method.

UWM Organizations

University Housing offers many options to advertise in the residence halls, including:

  • Flyer posting on commons bulletin boards
  • Cable announcements
  • Cafeteria table tents
  • Campus and community carousel

Off-Campus Organizations

Community members, business, etc. can advertise in the residence halls using:

  • Campus and community carousel
  • Flyer posting on commons bulletin boards

Facility Reservations

As an Auxiliary Service, University Housing facilities are completely funded by the students residing in the facilities. Residents of University Housing facilities, members of University Housing-affiliated groups, and Auxiliary Service staff members may reserve rooms at no charge.

All other groups (including student organizations, university departments, etc) will be charged for rooms and additional equipment according to the University Housing Facility Rates Schedule. To make a reservation, please call (414) 229-6588 or email Reservations can be made beginning in August for the fall semester and in January for the spring semester.

To reserve a room, submit a Room Reservation Form to UWM Conferences and Guest Housing via email or fax. Room reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance. If you need media equipment, requests less than two weeks in advance will not be granted. For more information, see the University Housing Facility Reservation Policy.

Forms & Publications

Available Spaces in University Housing for Reservations

Table Spaces

Cambridge Cafe 2 Tables
Kenilworth Lobby 1 Table
RiverView Lobby 1 Table
Sandburg Cafeteria 1 Table

Large Spaces

Kenilworth 2nd Floor Lounge N/A Can only be reserved with 209 & 211 (h) $100 | (w) $200
Meltwater House 20 No restroom, ethernet only (h) $100 | (w) $200
Sandburg Cafeteria 250 Available only after 7:00 p.m. (h) $200 | (w) $400
Sandburg Flicks 250 Projector, microphone, laptop included (h) $200 | (w) $400
Sandburg Channel 125 Academic only; unless break time (h) $200 | (w) $400
Sandburg Green Room 65 N/A (h) $200 | (w) $400

Meeting Spaces

Cambridge 143 16 Projector and laptop included (h) $75 | (w) $150
Kenilworth 209 18 Projector and media bag included (h) $100 | (w) $200
Kenilworth 211 12 Projector and media bag included (h) $100 | (w) $200
Sandburg C160 30 Projector, laptop, and document camera included (h) $100 | (w) $200
Sandburg C168 12 Projector and laptop included (h) $75 | (w) $150

Outdoor Spaces

RiverView Terrace (h) $100 | (w) $200
Sandburg Patios (S or N) (h) $100 | (w) $200
Sandburg Tennis Courts (h) $100 | (w) $200
Sandburg Volleyball Court (h) $100 | (w) $200
Sandburg Basketball Court (h) $100 | (w) $200
Sandburg Lawn (by special reservation only) (h) $100 | (w) $200

Classroom Spaces

Cambridge 171 36 Projector and laptop included (h) $75 | (w) $150
Cambridge 173 20 Projector and laptop included (with 20 computers) (h) $75 | (w) $150
RiverView 254 30 Projector included (h) $75 | (w) $150
RiverView 253 25 Projector included (h) $75 | (w) $150
Sandburg 210 20 Projector and laptop included (h) $100 | (w) $200