Music Community

Located in Sandburg Hall


Students must be admitted and enrolled in the Music Program.

Great Choice for You If…

  • You’re a music major
  • You have a desire to pursue a career as a performer, composer, music
    educator or music scholar


  • To create community of students preparing for professional careers in music.
  • To provide an environment which supports the rigors of a professional musician, promotes the creative process, and encourages the collaborative learning experience.

Picture Yourself …

  • Attending various concerts including the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Music Milwaukee, Present Music, Unruly Music, and the Florentine Opera

Required Courses

  • Fall Semester: Music 106: Foundations in Music (1 credit)
    The course engages the freshman music major in active discussions focusing on academic and abstract approaches necessary to formal music study.

In Their Own Wordsjazz_sax

Dr. Gillian Rodger, LLC Professor:
“Working with the freshman class, and the students who are part of the Music LLC, is a real joy. Every year I meet an incoming class of nervous students, who are fresh out of high school, and uncertain about this next new adventure in their lives. Over the first part of the semester I get to watch them grow up a little, find their feet, and begin to imagine their lives as musicians. By the middle of the semester I know I am looking at university students who, while they still have a long way to go, are more ready to succeed than they were just eight weeks earlier. And every year I am both pleased and surprised at this realization. I love that this experience lets me get to know students coming in, and that, even when they aren’t actually taking a class with me, they continue to check in with me as they pass my office. And I get the most pleasure watching them grow into young adults who are more certain of their skills, who are more resilient for overcoming failures and weaknesses and thinking through problems, and who are more prepared for their lives beyond college.”

Eli King, LLC RA 2015-16:
“The most difficult part of studying music professionally is adjusting to the culture. And that can’t be taught in a classroom–it has to be lived. The Music Community provides a context in which students can define, develop, and discover what it means, and what it takes, to be a successful musician.”


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Gillian Rodger