U1.0: I’m First

Location: RiverView Residence Hall
The Inclusive Excellence Center at UWM defines first-generation college students as those whose parent(s)/guardian(s) have not completed a 4-year degree in the United States.

Great Choice For You If…Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 7.17.14 PM

  • You are a first-generation college student, or
  • If you are majoring in political science, or
  • If you are considering attending Law School.


The U1.0 I’m First LLC is a living learning community that provides undergraduates with opportunity to build community among first such as being a first-time voter, being a first-generation college student, etc. Students will engage in experiences that explore voting rights in the U.S. and being pioneers to make a difference in their communities.

Picture yourself…

Participating in service learning projects, attending guest lectures, debating politics in a civil and mature environment.

Required Courses

Fall Semester: Multicultural America 150 (3 credits)


Warren Scherer
Director, Inclusive Excellence Center