Position Description

POSITION: Resident Assistant (RA) for Residence Halls
SUPERVISOR: Residence Life Coordinators


To work with students within the residence halls (Cambridge Commons, Purin Hall, Sandburg Hall, and RiverView) in a paraprofessional capacity. Resident Assistants assume responsibilities for providing student assistance; peer counseling; developing and implementing educational and social events for residents; enforcing University Housing policy and assuming the role of securing the residence halls when on duty. A Resident Assistant is expected to be dependable and exhibit leadership while remaining sensitive to the needs of others. Resident Assistants must also maintain an acceptable level of academic performance.


  • Develop an open and honest personal relationship with each resident (approximately 32-100) in his/her community, maintaining appropriate boundaries, and serving as University resource person.
  • Be a role model for the student/resident community by maintaining a positive attitude with students and staff, demonstrating a commitment to diversity, inclusion and sensitivity, and showing a genuine interest in working within the student’s best interests.
  • Develop and encourage a community atmosphere conducive to effective studying and appropriate social relationships, as well as promote student development through events and outreach.
  • Ensure that privileged information remains confidential while maintaining accurate records and completing necessary paperwork for University Housing.
  • Be on duty in the residence hall during evenings and weekends when specified (approximately 1-2 nights per week). This includes: assessing and appropriately responding to emergency situations; dealing effectively with potential problems and/or security situations; and performing security related functions as assigned.
  • Assist in maintaining community standards by working a specific number of hours at the Security Operation area or the Service Desk contingent on the needs of the assigned community.
  • Abide by all aspects of the University Housing Resident contract and the Resident Assistant Employment Agreement as well as meet all additional expectations as outlined in the RA Manual, training materials, and training sessions.
  • Be available for extensive training prior to each semester and participate in on-going staff development throughout the year.


  • Physical ability to handle position responsibilities including touring building and responding to emergency situations promptly (use of stairs and elevator).
  • Must be physically able to move quickly through congested crowd situation and effectively communicate to a large group of people.
  • Actively participate in fire-safety training.
  • Ability to communicate effectively by means of a two-way radio system and a telephone.
  • Ability to complete paperwork and read IDs.
  • Ability to respond to duties at any hour and for prolonged periods.

QUALIFICATIONS for all RA Candidates

  • Must have full-time student status of 12 undergraduate or 8 graduate credits at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at the time of application and will be expected to maintain this minimum while employed as a Resident Assistant.
  • Resident Assistants will maintain good academic standing with the University including both a semester and cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5.
  • Should possess initiative, responsibility and good judgment as well as the ability to act independently, with little or no supervision while performing a variety of tasks.
  • First year students are eligible to apply for Spring semester positions only although students with upper-class undergraduate and graduate status are preferred.
  • Demonstrated qualities and experiences of leadership are preferred.
  • Adequate experience and knowledge of a resident community, obtained either at UW-Milwaukee or another institution, is preferred.
  • Previous experience in customer service and leadership positions preferred.


There are some differences based on the size and complexity of residential communities and compensation provided. The standard base salary for a Residence Hall Resident Assistant is a single room and board plan valued based on the residential community for which one is placed (approximately a $9000 value) plus a yearly stipend paid in monthly installments.

University Housing also provides Resident Assistants extensive training and leadership opportunities.