Lex Renda

Associate Professor
 (414) 229-5211
 Holton Hall 345


PhD, University of Virginia, 1991

Research Interests

United States Political and Legal History; Nineteenth-Century United States

Teaching Areas

United States History, American Civil War and Reconstruction, Jacksonian America, Statistical Methods in History, American Constitutional History

Courses Offered

Hist 151 – America to 1877
Hist 404 – Topic: Politics and the Supreme Court in U.S. History
Hist 409 – Causes of the Civil War, 1828-1861
Hist 410 – Civil War and Reconstruction
Hist 595 – Quantitative Analysis of Historical Data
Hist 800 – Topic: Readings in American Political History
Hist 807 – The Age of Lincoln

Other Activities

Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of History
Coordinator of Summer and UWinteriM Instruction, College of Letters and Science

Selected Publications

Renda, Lex. “Refereed: Things Not Known.” Historical Methods. Historical Methods, (In Progress) .
Renda, Lex. “Reviewer Questionnaire.” "American History, A Survey, 13th edition," by Alan Brinkley. (In Progress) .
Renda, Lex. “Refereed: It is Time for the States to Speak to the Federal Government: The Altoona Conference and Emancipation.” Civil War History. (In Progress) .
Renda, Lex. “Retrospective Voting.” Oxford Encyclopedia of American Political and Legal History 2. (2012): 356-358.
Renda, Lex. “Was there a Post- Party Period (Review of The Nationalization of American Poltical Parties, 1880-1896, by Daniel Klinghard.” Historical Methods 44.4 (2011): 191-194.
Renda, Lex. “Review of Pursuit of Unity: A Political History of the American South, by Michael Perman.” Florida Historical Quarterly 88.4 (2010): 566-569.
Renda, Lex. “Review of Slavery and the Supreme Court, 1825-1861, by Earl Maltz.” Kansas History 33.2 (2010): 138.