Katherine Paugh

Assistant Professor
 Holton Hall 388


PhD, University of Pennsylvania
BA, Virginia Commonwealth University

Research Interests

My research interests range widely, from the history of race and gender in the American South and Caribbean, to the history of medicine in early America and the Atlantic world, to the politics of childbearing. My forthcoming book describes how the imperative to reproduce the enslaved labor force on plantations shaped the political history of the Atlantic world during the age of abolition, 1763-1838. The book explores the politics of reproduction from a variety of angles, describing the politics of information that shaped attempts to gather data about the demography and sexual health of enslaved Africans in the Americas, as well as the medical and religious assumptions that undergirded debates about slavery and population. By recounting the remarkable story of an enslaved midwife and her family, the book also explores the deployment of plantation management policies designed to promote fertility during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. In a second book project, I plan to explore the history of venereal disease in the Atlantic world.

Courses Offered

Hist 151 – History of the United States to 1877
Hist 372 – Health and Healing in the Early Modern Atlantic World
Hist 373 – Slavery and Gender in the Atlantic World
Hist 405 – The Age of the American Revolution, 1750-1789
Hist 600 – Witches and Midwives in the Early Modern Atlantic World: A Research Seminar

Selected Awards and Distinctions

Winner of the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians article prize for best article on women/gender/sexuality by a woman resident in North America
Huntington Library Barbara Thom Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2012-2013
Monticello College Foundation Long-Term Fellowship for Women at the Newberry Library, 2012-2013 (declined)
Franklin Research Grant, American Philosophical Society, Summer, 2010
American Philosophical Society Library Residence Fellowship, Summer, 2010
Harvard International Seminar on the History of the Atlantic World Travel Grant Recipient, Summer 2009
Gilder Lehrman Institute Dissertation Fellow, 2007
McNeil Center for Early American Studies Marguerite Bartlett Hamer Dissertation Fellow, 2006-2007
North American Conference on British Studies Dissertation Travel Grant Recipient, 2006

Selected Publications

Paugh, Katherine E. The Great Pox: Yaws, Syphilis, and Sexuality in the Early Modern Atlantic World. (In Progress) .
Paugh, Katherine E. The Politics of Reproduction in the Atlantic World: Race, Medicine, and Fertility during the Age of Abolition. (In Progress) .
Paugh, Katherine E. “The Curious Case of Mary Hylas: Wives, Slaves and the Limits of British Abolitionism.” Slavery & Abolition 35.4 (2014): 629-651.