Departmental Grants & Awards

Departmental Research Travel Support

The Department has a limited amount of funds available to support thesis research. Preference is given to students who need to travel to research collections outside Milwaukee. Applicants for travel support must prepare a statement of purpose outlining the research they plan to conduct and its significance for their thesis, along with a budget of anticipated expenses. Applicants should complete the Travel Support Application and submit it to the Director of Graduate Studies. Students must apply eight (8) weeks before travel. Graduate students must not buy any air flight tickets nor pay for any hotel rooms before consulting with the Department of History Graduate Director. For more information, contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

A.T. Brown Award for the Best Graduate Paper

For the best graduate paper by a History student completed in a graduate History course during the previous academic year (September-August). Papers may be submitted by their authors or nominated by instructors. Deadline: Early November of each year. Please contact the Chair of the Department of History for the exact deadline and the name of the chair of the awards committee, to whom papers are to be sent.

A.T. Brown Award for Best Graduate Thesis

All History MA theses completed during the previous academic year (September-August) will be automatically considered for the award. One award, to be announced in December. No application is necessary.

Frederick I. Olson Scholarship

Awarded to a graduate student who is a Wisconsin resident, is enrolled in six or more graduate credits, and demonstrates financial need as documented by FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid – see Should two or more students have equal need, the most academically qualified student will be selected. Masters students are eligible for a one-year renewal; doctoral students are eligible for a two-year renewal. One award of $2,500. Deadline: December 1 of each year. For further information contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

Frank P. Zeidler Graduate Student Award

Awarded to a student in pursuit of his/her Master's degree in American history at UWM to support research or travel expenses. Preference will be given for: students exploring the international relationship between the United States and foreign countries; to a foreign student of American History, or a local student of American History, or, barring that, a student in any history field; a student eligible to receive, or currently receiving, a UWM Teaching Assistantship. Candidate must have completed all requirements for an undergraduate degree by May and have substantial preparation in American Studies and/or American history. For full aid for the M.A. degree the recipient must apply for admission to the UWM Graduate School and for a teaching assistantship in the History Department, as well as meet visa and other requirements for international study in the US, be fluent in English and have obtained a minimum TOEFL score of 550 PBT or 213 CBT, and a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or higher. One annual award of $2,000. Deadline December 1 of each year. For further information contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

Ellen Healy Award for Graduate Studies

An award of $1,000 to be given annually to a current student in the Master's or PhD program in History with a preference for a student who has not received any other award (including a TA or RA-ship). Each annual winner will be given a written biographical summary of the late Ellen Healy, an alumna and onetime teaching assistant in the Department. No formal application necessary. For further information contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

David F. Healy Fellowship

Awarded to a graduate of Nottingham University (UK) and nominated by the Department of History or Program in American Studies at Nottingham University. The fellowship is tenable for two years and consists of a teaching assistantship (including tuition remission, health benefits, and stipend). Applicants must follow usual application process for the MA in UWM Department of History.