Adam Smith

Adam Smith, with his exhibit on Milwaukee mayor Frank Zeidler

The Department of History offers MA and PhD programs that prepare students for careers in historical research, in teaching, and in archives, museums, historical societies, historic preservation agencies, libraries, and government. Above is a photo of recent public history MA Adam Smith, with his exhibit on Milwaukee mayor Frank Zeidler, installed in the atrium of Milwaukee’s City Hall. Its courses cover a wide array of geographically, chronologically, and thematically defined topics.

At the Master's level, the Department offers four options:

  • a general degree in History;
  • a specialization in Public History, for those interested in areas such as museum work, archival administration, and historic preservation, with an intensive multi-disciplinary option in historic preservation;
  • a coordinated Master's program (MA/MLIS) in History and in Library and Information Science; and
  • a specialization in Urban Historical Studies for students who intend to pursue a PhD in Urban Studies.

The PhD program prepares students to enter the highest levels of the discipline, as well as related fields of knowledge and practice. The Department also participates in interdisciplinary Master's and doctoral programs in Urban Studies.

Graduate Students in the department have their own independent organization, the Alliance of History Graduate Students, which sponsors speakers, workshops, presentations of research, and social events.

For information on grants/awards and teaching assistanships available to graduate students in the History Department, please consult the information on this website under Financial Support/Awards.

The UWM Graduate School’s website provides more information on the department’s Graduate Programs.

For more information about admissions please contact the Graduate Advisor:

Joseph Rodriguez
Holton Hall, Room 325
(414) 229-3963