GRAD 801: Preparing Future Faculty & Professionals

Spring 2018 Topic: Introduction to Academic Life

You can obtain credit on your transcript for “PFFP” offerings if you enroll in GRAD 801! This blended, one-credit course includes some face-to-face and some pre-recorded sessions. Requires graduate status. May be retaken with change in topic up to 3 credits. Learning goals:
  • Identify strategies for successful and timely completion of your degree requirements.
  • Better understand the values, expectations, and institutional contexts of higher education.
  • Develop professional networks of peers, faculty, alumni, and other professionals who can contribute to your success through and beyond graduate school.
  • Grasp current trends in higher education, make your degree more flexible, and prepare yourself to assume roles within a wide possible range of academic and professional contexts.
  • Acquire skills that facilitate success in both academic and non-academic careers, such as career planning, mentoring, research, grant writing, conferencing and communicating work to outside audiences.
  • Learn job search strategies and skills.
  • Enhance cultural competence and understanding of diversity.
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