McNair Summer 2016 Research Projects

Student Faculty Mentor
Teonna N. Cooksey, Architecture
The Substance of Home: Architecture, Foreclosure and Eviction
Arijit Sen, Architecture
Kennia L. Coronado, Political Science
Undocumented Millennial Latinxs: Post 2006 Political Activism Amongst Youth
Paru Shah, Political Science
Marlyatou Diallo, Nursing
Contextual Factors of Health Services Access/Utilization and Perceptions of Social Stigma
Aaron Buseh, Nursing
Breanna A. Eisner, Social Work
Leadership and Accountability Analysis Through Emergency Management
Kent Redding, Sociology
Carl D. Greer, Psychology
Teacher Efficacy Effects on African American Males
Gary Williams, Educational Policy & Community Studies
Detaya L. Johnson, Geosciences
Investigation into the Fluid-Rock Interactions in Rainy Lake Region
Dyanna Czeck, Geosciences
Dwayne E. Lee, Journalism
Implicit Bias
Gary Williams, Educational Policy & Community Studies
Lizbeth Lopez, Psychology
Parents’ Health Literacy and Reactions to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Safe Sleep Guidelines
W. Hobart Davies, Psychology
Zachariah N.K. Marrero, Psychology
The Enneagram: Towards an Empirical Assessment of Disintegration
Raymond Fleming, Psychology
Juan S. Orjuela, Biological Sciences
Correlation of Handedness & Ear Preference in Gray Tree Frogs
Gerlinde Höbel, Biological Sciences
Aerielle M. Pendleton, Psychology
The Influence of Computer Based Training on Anxious Individual’s Cognitive Control
Christine Larson, Psychology
Cristal E. Sanchez, Biological Sciences
Determination of Phosphorus Using Hydrolysis Treatments to Differentiate Between Polyphosphates and Organic Phosphates
Russell Cuhel, Freshwater Sciences
Brandon L. Savage, Social Work
An Examination of the Intersection between Debt and Incarceration of African American Males
David Pate, Social Welfare
Ballantyne Thabiso Jimmy Shabangu, Information Science and Technology
Information Access in Rural Areas of South Africa
Jacques du Plessis, Information Studies
Diana L. Navarro Suarez, Nursing
Exploration of Symptoms in Hispanic Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer
Jeanne M. Erickson, Nursing
Monea R. Warrington, Anthropology, Omāēgnomenēw Kiketwan: Menominee Language Verb Lesson Margaret Noodin, English and Electa Quinney Institute
Tommy C. Yang, Architecture
A Place to Belong: Contested Narratives of Identity
Arijit Sen, Architecture
Marlene S. Zahran, Microbiology
Measuring Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Using JC-10 Voltage Sensitive Dye
Michael Laiosa, Public Health