Why Support

UWM’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP) is the only accredited School of Architecture and Urban Planning in Wisconsin and has been named twice by the University of Wisconsin System as a Center of Excellence. Faculty, students, and alumni consistently receive international recognition for their work in research and practice—shaping the skylines of towns and cities throughout the Midwest and far beyond.

What to Support

Our alumni and friends provide SARUP with the financial resources needed to maintain and enhance our standard of excellence. These generous investments help us to attract and retain the highest caliber of students, through scholarships and awards, and also to provide funds integral to the development and implementation of unique programs and special projects.

  • Scholarships & Prizes

    Scholarships—including the Star Fund for undergraduate and graduate students—are magnets that draw the best and brightest students to SARUP’s degree programs. In addition, donor support provides funding for student design competitions and awards.

  • Programs

    Donors may direct their gifts to existing programs—including the Historic Preservation Institute, the Institute for Ecological Design, and the Real Estate Development program—or can collaborate with us to create new programs. Gifts made to support SARUP’s programs fund travel, speakers, technology, conferences, participation in juried competitions, and more.

  • Studios

    SARUP studio sponsorships are developed through partnerships between donors and faculty, to ensure that the studio focus and content coordinate with degree programs, students’ interests, and donors’ passions. Our philanthropic partners are encouraged to be actively engaged in the studios, through presentations, tours, and participation on juries.

  • Unrestricted Gifts

    Unrestricted gifts to SARUP are especially appreciated, as they allow us to address unforeseen opportunities or challenges. The Dean uses the utmost discretion to ensure that such gifts are used in accordance with donor intent.

How to Support

Please consider a gift to the School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP). You may direct your donation to an individual department or program or to the SARUP General Fund.

Thank you!

Give Online
Please use the Direct My Gift To dropdowns and the Special Instructions box on the online giving form form to identify the specific fund(s) you would like to support.

Online Giving Form

Give by Phone
Make a gift or pledge over the phone by calling:

Tom Bjornstad
Director of Annual Giving

Give by Mail
Checks or money orders should be payable to “The UWM Foundation” and mailed to:

UWM Office for Development
3271 N. Lake Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53211

To make sure you receive proper acknowledgement, please print the following form and enclose it with your check. Be sure to indicate how you would like to designate your gift.

Printable Giving Form

Matching Gifts
You can maximize your gift to UWM if you or your spouse/partner works for one of the many companies with matching gift programs. Check with your Human Resources Department to see if they match employee gifts to UWM.
Will or Other Estate Plan
To learn more about including UWM in your will or other estate plan, visit our Planned Giving website.
Stock or Other Appreciated Securities
Gifts of publicly traded securities that have appreciated in value allow you to avoid capital gains taxes, while also receiving a tax deduction for your gift. UWM benefits by selling the stock without paying taxes on the gain, and you benefit from knowing that your contribution is larger than it would have been as a cash gift.

Please send (or ask your broker to send) the UWM stock gift form to the UWM Foundation prior to transferring the securities, to make sure you receive proper acknowledgement for your gift.

To discuss a gift of your IRA, gifts of appreciated securities, or any related paperwork, please contact:

Gretchen Miller
Director of Gift Planning and Agreements

Gifts in Memory or Honor of a Relative, Friend, or Favorite Faculty Member
Tribute and memorial gifts provide significant support for UWM, while allowing you to celebrate people and events with special meaning for you.

For more information, or to learn whether a fund has already been created in tribute to or memory of someone, please contact uwmgift@uwm.edu.

Real Estate and Personal Property
Real estate and personal property such as art and jewelry can be used to make a gift to UWM.

For more information about this type of giving, please contact:

Gretchen Miller
Director of Gift Planning and Agreements

For More Information

To learn more about the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, visit uwm.edu/sarup or contact:

Chris Ciancimino
Development Director, School of Architecture and Urban Planning