The Impact of Giving

Student Success

Our students have and always will come first. They are the lifeblood of our university and the future leaders of our community.

To attract the best students from Wisconsin and beyond, and offer access to those who need educational opportunities, UWM must provide competitive scholarships and a rich academic experience to equip these students to engage the world. Helping students meet their educational goals not only transforms their individual lives, it also influences the environment of those around them.

Research Excellence

Our focus on research excellence has established UWM as a major contributor and participant within every aspect of both the local and global research community.

UWM’s entrepreneurial approach to education and research has a direct effect, for example, on the future of renewable energy, 3D rapid prototyping technology, and a critical understanding of freshwater ecosystems. When you financially support the University, you support a mission to influence Milwaukee and change the world. This has proven to be an investment with an enormous return.

Community Engagement

Our partnerships with hundreds of organizations–from business, education, and health care to nonprofit and performing arts organizations–allow us to influence lives both near and far.

Because community engagement is critically important, our students volunteer 43,000 hours in community and service-learning types of projects each year. UWM’s faculty are among the best in the world, and many are leading authorities in fields such as energy storage, neurosciences, business, physics, history, and philosophy. The impact of these studies is not limited to Milwaukee but evolves our global understanding and improves the quality of life for all people.

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