Anthropology Courses

ANTHRO 380 - Anthropological Applications of GIS (3 units; U/G)
Use of GIS in archaeology, cultural anthropology, and physical anthropology. Prereq: jr st; a course in anthro.
ANTHRO 562 - Techniques and Problems in Archaeology (3 units; U/G)
Methods of fieldwork in archaeology; strategies of archaeological investigations; introduction to archaeological site mapping Lec, lab. Prereq: jr st; Anthro 103(P) or cons instr.
ANTHRO 768 - Topics in Advanced Research Design in Anthropology (3 units; G)
Methods of fitting various models to qualitative categorizations of archaeological, ethnographical, and biological data. Includes chi-square and multiclassificatory chi-squares, scaling, cluster analysis, markov chains, and game theory. Prereq: grad st; Anthro 568(R).

Business Administration Course

BUS ADM 749 - Data and Information Management (3 units; G)
Managing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, data integrity management, data representation, data integration, governance and administration, data quality and reporting information. Prereq: grad st

Geography Courses

GEOG 403 - Remote Sensing: Environmental and Land Use Analysis (4 units; U/G)
Use of aerial photographs and digital imagery in environmental and land use analysis, including urban areas. 3 hrs lec; 2 hrs lab PC/Windows familiarity recom. Prereq: jr st & Geog 215(P); or grad st.
GEOG 405 - Cartography (4 units; U/G)
Thematic cartography; map communication, design principles, illustration and mapping software. 3 hrs lec, 2 hrs lab. Prereq: jr st & Geog 215(P); or grad st.
GEOG 515 - Watershed Analysis and Modeling (3 units; U/G)
Theories and applications of analytical and modeling techniques for watershed processes, including geographic information systems (GIS), statistics, and computer simulations. Prereq: jr st; working knowledge of GIS; Geog 415(R) or Geo Sci 463(R) or 562(R); or grad st.
GEOG 525 - Geographic Information Science (4 units; U/G)
Geographic and information theoretical foundations of geographic information science (GIS). Use of macro languages in a software project to expand GIS functionality. 3 hrs lec, 2 hrs lab. Prereq: jr st, & Geog 215(P); or grad st.
GEOG 547 - Spatial Analysis (4 units; U/G)
Advanced analysis techniques, including multivariate relationships and spatial modeling. Prereq: jr st; Geog 247(P) or dept-approved equiv.
GEOG 625 - Intermediate Geographic Information Science (4 units; U/G)
Concepts and techniques of geographic information science (GIS), with emphasis on GIS-based spatial analysis, associated applications, and technology. 3 hrs lec, 2 hrs lab. Prereq: jr st: Geog 525(P) or UrbPlan 591(P) or 791(P); or cons instr.
GEOG 698 - GIS/Cartography Internship (1-6 units; U/G)
Practical GIS/cartography experience with government agency or private firm under supervision of working expert and faculty member. Intern's contract specifies duties and duration. May be retaken to 6 cr max. Prereq: jr st; Geog 215(P); writ cons instr & dept chair.
GEOG 703 - Advanced Remote Sensing (3 units; G)
Advanced techniques of image processing and analysis, including classification, georegistration, and spatial modeling. Prereq: grad st; Geog 403(P).
GEOG 725 - Advanced Geographic Information Science: Geographic Modeling (3 units; G)
Advanced spatial modeling with both GIS and other tools of geo-computation, including examination of conceptual models aimed at an analysis of their possible implementation. Prereq: grad st; Geog 625(P).
GEOG 734 - GIS and Society (3 units; G)
Interconnected relationship between Geographic Information Science (GIS) and society, including hidden impacts and implications of such a relationship. Prereq: grad st.
GEOG 750 - Remote Sensing and Urban Analysis (3 units; G)
Seminar in remote sensing technologies and applications in urban analyses, including land use/land cover analysis, socio-economic information estimation, heat-island effect, sprawl monitoring, and growth modeling. Prereq: grad st; Geog 403(P); Geog 525(P) or UrbPlan 591(P) or 791(P).
GEOG 960 - Seminar: Geographic Techniques: (3 units; G)
Retakable w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: grad st.
GEOG 999 - Independent Work (1-6 units; G)
Independent reading or project. Retakable w/chg in topic to 12 cr max. Prereq: grad st.

Urban Planning Courses

URBPLAN 692 - Special Topics in Urban Planning: (1-3 units; U/G)
Provides a format for the development and presentation of new material in Urban Planning on an experimental, one-term basis. Specific cr & any additional prereqs announced in Schedule of Classes whenever course is offered. May be retaken w/chg in topic to max of 9 cr. Prereq: jr st or cons instr.
URBPLAN 791 - Introduction to Urban Geographic Information Systems for Planning (3 units; G)
Use of spatially related information including gis and land records systems for improved productivity and decision making in service delivery, management, policy-planning, and land development. Prereq: grad st.
URBPLAN 792 - Using Urban Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Planning (3 units; G)
A 'hands on' course in gis using commercial gis software in a computer laboratory setting to provide experience solving problems related to planning and government. Prereq: grad st; UrbPlan 791(P) or Geog 525(P) or cons instr.
URBPLAN 794 - Internet Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (3 units; G)
Seminar on theoretical background and hands-on experience with technologies for developing GIS applications on the Internet, the web, and wireless networks. Prereq: grad st; UrbPlan 792(P) or Geog 625(P); or cons instr.
URBPLAN 991 - Legislative/Administrative Agency Internship (3-6 units; G)
Research project assignments with elected legislative officials and administrative agencies. Assignments will be cooperatively developed and supported by an integrating seminar discussing both experience and theory in a planning implementation context. May be retaken with change in topic to max of 6 cr. Prereq: grad st; cons instr.
URBPLAN 999 - Independent Study (1-3 units; G)
Individual work in urban planning. Variable content course. Retakeable to max of 9 cr. Prereq: grad st; cons instr.