Paleontology Club

Do you like to go on epic road trips?
Do you like to collect and keep rocks and fossils?
Are you interested in what Earth was like before humans?
Then attend a Paleo Club meeting at UWM!

We’re a group run by students, for students. It doesn’t matter what major you are, all you need to join is an interest in fossils and paleontology. Our forte is collecting specimens directly from the field, and you get to keep just about everything you find!

Pectinids Miocene

Pectinid from the Miocene in Virgina – Thomas A. Greene Collection (UWM)

Places we travel

All around Milwaukee!
Florida       Texas       Iowa
Montana       Indiana       Missouri       Canada

Our weekly meetings cover everything from fossil identification to trip planning to learning about the latest discoveries in paleontology. Paleo Club meets every Wednesday at 4:00, Room 268.

If you can’t make the meetings or want more information, contact Dylan Wilmeth at

Also, check us out on Facebook:

Lindsay McHenry is the faculty advisor for the Paleo Club.