Other Department Awards

The Department of Geosciences also offers several scholarships to Geosciences students each year. Students are encouraged to apply for any scholarship they qualify for. All students must be a Geosciences major with a 3.0 cumulative gpa. Most application deadlines are in spring and scholarship recipients are announced at the annual student recognition banquet at the end of the spring semester.

Wisconsin Geological Society Scholarship

Award Information:

  • Number of awards and amount vary, average award between $500 and $1000
  • Award may be used for educational expenses including but not limited to: tuition and fees, books, expenses of research (including purchase of equipment), or expenses of travel associated with undertaking or presenting research.

Eligibility requirements and selection process:

  • Geosciences graduate students, first priority for students who are (or have been) actively engaged as members of the Wisconsin Geological Society for at least one year, as evidenced by participation in membership functions; and academic merit.
  • Recipients are expected to give an oral presentation on their thesis project at a meeting of the Wisconsin Geological Society.
  • Application deadlines will be announced in March, 2016.

Graduate Student Research Award

Award Information will be announced in Spring 2016:

  • Number of awards and amount vary, average award $200

Eligibility requirements and selection process:

  • Students who have performed research at UWM in the Department of Geosciences.
  • Current students and students who have completed an M.S. or Ph.D. degree in the Department of Geosciences within the past year. (Students who graduate in August or December can be recognized the following May.)
  • Recipients of the Graduate Student Research Award will be strongly encouraged to give a Department colloquium on their research.

Application and selection process:

  • The award recipient will be chosen by:
    • the number of manuscripts published or in review based on research at UWM;
    • the number of poster and oral presentations at local, regional, national, and international conferences based on research at UWM;
    • the number of grants applied for and funded for research at UWM;
    • the letters of recommendation by faculty members at UWM;
    • progress toward intended UWM graduate degree, including but not restricted to: submission of degree proposal, submission of thesis or dissertation, defense of thesis or dissertation. Students who have not completed these milestones towards a graduate degree may still apply for the Graduate Student Research Award.
  • Students will be required to submit a CV.
  • A letter of recommendation from one faculty member is required. Letters submitted by faculty members should contain information on students’ efforts on publications and presentations; the reputation of the journals and meetings among the students’ sub-discipline; students’ scientific creativity; how seriously the students approach their work; and students’ independence from their adviser(s).

Wisconsin Geological Society Graduate Research Grant

  • New opportunity for graduate research announced in 2016

Award Information & Selection Criteria:

  • To be used for field work, lab analyses/expenses, supplies, and/or any other expenses that are necessary to conduct your research as you work towards completing your graduate degree.
  • To apply for this research grant, please submit the following:
    • A written proposal including an abstract of your thesis/dissertation and an itemized budget for your anticipated expenses. This proposal should include appropriate references and figures if necessary to describe your research. Please limit this proposal to 2 pages.
    • A copy of your academic CV along with a list of references.
  • These awards will be offered at a maximum of $1,000 per recipient and must be spent on research costs that will occur between June 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014.
  • All expenses are subject to university policies and procedures regarding purchasing, travel, reimbursements, etc.

Graduate Student Travel Awards

Award Information:

  • Number of awards and amount may vary; maximum award is $200; offered at the beginning of every semester.
  • This award is offered from funds allocated by the faculty to help pay for travel expenses when presenting at local, national or international professional geological conferences. The awards can be offered in the form of pre-paid travel arrangements or reimbursements upon your return.

Eligibility requirements and selection process:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate students must be presenting at the conference in which they are attending. (Confirmation of presenting is not necessary at the time of application, but an award offer may be adjusted accordingly after it is announced.)
  • You must show proof of application for additional support. (For instance, the Graduate School offers their own awards to students traveling to conferences, etc.)

* Due to budgetary constraints the department is unable to offer their own travel awards for students presenting at conferences this year. Should the state or university climate change within the current fiscal year the faculty will make these awards a top priority with any additional funds that may become available for student support. If you are presenting at a conference this year we recommend you apply for travel awards offered through the Graduate School and the Office of Undergraduate Research:

Fortunately, our students have been very successful applying to these awards.