Undergraduate Advising

Who is my adviser?

For Geography majors, your track adviser is listed on your declaration of major form. If you cannot find your form, contact…
Kristin Sziarto (sziarto@uwm.edu), Undergraduate Chair

All Geography and GIS minors should contact the Undergraduate Chair or PA for advising.


If you need to Petition regarding a course substitution, contact…
Glen Fredlund (fredlund@uwm.edu), Undergraduate Co-Chair

General Questions

For other questions, or if your faculty adviser is on leave, contact…
Kristin Sziarto (sziarto@uwm.edu), Undergraduate Chair

Undergraduate Advising Office Hours (drop-in):

There are no drop-in office hours during summer term. Please e-mail the Undergraduate Chair (sziarto@uwm.edu) with any questions.

Undergraduate advising office hours will resume the week of August 20, 2018.