Rina Ghose

 (414) 229-4797
 Bolton Hall 450

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PhD, Geography, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1998
MA, Geography, University of Montana, 1993
BA, Geography Honors, University of Calcutta, India, 1988

Office Hours

By appointment only

Courses Taught

Geog 110 – The World: Peoples and Regions
Geog 215 – Introduction to Geographic Information Science
Geog 470 – Geography of South Asia
Geog 525 – Geographic Information Science
Geog 734 – GIS and Society
Geog 934 – Seminar in Urban Geography
MSP 780 – Transdisciplinary Research

Research Interests

Rina Ghose's research interests intersect Critical GIS, urban geography, and political economy. Her research questions center around poverty, inequality, and social justice. She has conducted decade-long research on public participation GIS among traditionally marginalized citizen groups, to examine how GIS technologies can be used as modes of resistance to combat structural inequities and inner-city poverty. As part of this research agenda, she has also examined social activism and grassroots community organizing in the inner-city, and explored collaborative planning programs that are used in inner-city redevelopment.

Her current research projects examine:

  1. Public participation GIS for community decision making
  2. Urban agriculture practices to address food inequities and community development
  3. Citizenship practices under neoliberalization

Representative Publications

Ghose, R., & Pettygrove, M. (2014, May). Actors and Networks in Urban Community Garden Formation. Geoforum, 53, 93-103.
Ghose, R., & Pettygrove, M. (2014, September). Urban Community Gardens as Spaces of Citizenship. Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography, Wiley Blackwell, 46(4), 1092-1112.
Ghose, R. (2007). Politics of scale and networks of association in public participation GIS. Environment and Planning A, 39(8), 1961-1980.
Elwood, S., & Ghose, R. (2004). PPGIS in community development planning: Framing the organizational context. Cartographica, 38(3-4), 19-33.
Adams, P. C., & Ghose, R. (2003). India. com: the construction of a space between. Progress in Human Geography, 27(4), 414-437.