Geography Faculty

Anna Mansson McGinty
Anna Mansson McGinty
Associate Professor
Geography and Women's and Gender 229-2650Bolton Hall 478
Changshan Wu
Changshan Wu
Professor 229-4860Bolton Hall 482
Zengwang Xu
Zengwang Xu
Assistant Professor 229-4874Bolton Hall 410c
Hyejin Yoon
Hyejin Yoon
Assistant Professor 229-7107Bolton Hall 449

Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Kirsten Beyer
Kirsten Beyer
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, Institute for Health and Society, Medical College of
Frederick E. Nelson
Adjunct Professor
Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography, University of Delawarefnelson@udel.eduGolda Meir Library E189

Administrative Staff

Faculty Emeriti

Michael DayProfessor Emeritus 
Donn K. HaglundProfessor Emeritus  
Ludwig E. HolznerProfessor Emeritus  
Judith T. KennyAssociate Professor Emerita 
Norman R. StewartAssociate Professor Emeritus  

Graduate Students

Susan BorchardtDoctoral Bolton Hall
Yingbin DengDoctoral(414) 229-4866Bolton Hall 410A
Heather GeyerDoctoral Bolton Hall 442
Yui HashimotoDoctoral(414) 229-4866Bolton Hall 444
Ashley HoerzMaster's 
Sammi KaufmanDoctoral Bolton Hall 440
Minji KimDoctoral 
So Hyung LimDoctoral 
Haijian LiuDoctoral(414) 229-4866Bolton Hall 410A
Muriel MarseilleDoctoral 
Katie MerkleDoctoral Bolton Hall 438
Nicholas PadillaDoctoral(414) 229-5818Bolton Hall 442
Feng PanDoctoral(414) 229-4866Bolton Hall Room 410A
Gainbi ParkDoctoral Bolton Hall 435
Nicholas SchuelkeDoctoral(414) 229-4866Bolton Hall 441
Yang SongDoctoral(414) 229-4866Bolton Hall 440
Jana VielDoctoral(414) 229-4866Bolton Hall 444
Rebecca WolfeDoctoral(414) 229-6155Lubar Hall N458
Wei XuDoctoral(414) 229-4866Bolton Hall 446
Hong ZhuoDoctoral(414) 229-5818Bolton Hall 446