Financial Aid

The process of awarding financial support proceeds separately from the admissions process. Admission to a graduate program does not guarantee financial support; an offer of financial support does not guarantee admission.

There are three basic sources of support:

  • Graduate Fellowships. The Distinguished Graduate Student Fellowships and the Advanced Opportunity Program Fellowships are available for incoming students. Directions about applying for Graduate School Fellowships can be found at: Please apply by December 1st following the direction of the web page.
  • Geography Graduate Assistantship (Teaching/Project/Research Assistantships) and M.J. Read Fellowship. All admitted students are automatically considered for departmental Graduate Assistantship and M.J. Read Fellowship. Deadline for application with funding consideration is December 1st.
  • The Financial Aid Office for Loans and Work-study. More information about applying for financial aid can be found at:

For further information on funding opportunities can be found by visiting our Graduate School website at …

Graduate School Financial Aid Information
Teaching, Project and Research Assistantships
Graduate Assistantship Stipend Information
Graduate School Fellowships

Department Aid

The Department of Geography provides assistantships and the Mary Jo Read Fellowship to qualified incoming and continuing graduate students. The Mary Jo Read Geography Fund, with estimated assets of more than $1 million, will benefit the department by providing scholarships, fellowships, and merit awards to students who demonstrate academic excellence in the field. More details including application forms are available at the Mary Jo Read Fellowship page.

Specifically, the fund earmarks the following:

  • Fellowships for geography graduate students, typically to provide additional financial support to those also holding teaching, project, or research assistantships. Both new and continuing students are eligible for these fellowships each year.New student yearly awards are $10,000 ($5,000 per semester), and continuing student yearly awards are $5,000 ($2,500 per semester).
  • Up to $1,000 travel grants for graduate and undergraduate students. These scholarships are to fund capstone travel, research, and professional development experiences.

Incoming students are automatically considered for funding when their applications arrive by Dec 1st. Continuing students seeking assistantship or Mary Jo Read Fellowship for the next academic year should submit a Mary Jo Read Application Form (Word) to the Department office by Dec 1st of the current calendar year.