UWM geographers co-organize panel on “Muslim Arts and Belonging”

“Muslim Arts and Belonging” was organized by three UWM professors – Anna Mansson McGinty (Women’s and Gender Studies and Geography); Caroline Seymour-Jorn (Comparative Literature); and Kristin Sziarto (Geography) – in collaboration with Professor Enaya Othman of Marquette University (Arabic). The event aimed to open up an important discussion about the diversity of Muslim experiences and voices in Milwaukee.… Continue Reading »

Department announces new GIS Professional track for MS students

The Department begins to offer a new track option for GIS professionals in the MS program from Fall 2018. This GIS professional track is intended for students who plan to seek professional employment in the field of GIS and are not interested in continuing their graduate education beyond the master’s degree. Students need to apply for the regular Geography MS program and may declare the choice after enrollment. … Continue Reading »