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profile photoCarmen AguilarAssociate ScientistSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1755aguilar@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 114

Effects of invasive species on food web interactions and ecophysiology

profile photoGeoffrey AndersonResearch Vessel Crew LeaderSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1709andersog@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoPatrick AndersonResearcherSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1731pda2@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 1053
profile photoGary BallesterosAdjunct ProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciencesballeste@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoGerald BeckerInstrument MakerSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1700gbecker@uwm.eduGreat Lakes Research Facility
profile photoJohn BergesProfessorBiosciences(414) 229-3258berges@uwm.eduLapham Hall S587
profile photoFred BinkowskiSenior ScientistSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1723sturgeon@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 174B

Fisheries biology, lake sturgeon biology, early life history of Great Lakes fishes, aquaculture, urban aquaculture

profile photoHarvey BootsmaAssociate ProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1717hbootsma@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 2087/2054

Tropical limnology, nutrient cycling, food webs, carbon dynamics

profile photoMelinda BootsmaChemistSchool of Freshwater Sciencesbootsma@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoPatricia BowerResearch TechnicianSchool of Freshwater Sciencespbower@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoArthur BrooksProfessor EmeritusBiosciences(414) 229-4552abrooks@uwm.eduLapham Hall 395
profile photoBruce BrownAssociate Professor EmeritusGeosciences - General(414) 382-1716xski@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 197
profile photoMarilyn BugenhagenAdjunct InstructorSchool of Freshwater Sciencesmarilynb@uwm.eduGreat Lakes Research Facility
profile photoMichael CarvanProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1706carvanmj@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building

Toxicology, toxicogenomics, epigenetics, behavioral toxicology, gene-environment-disease/dysfunction interactions

profile photoWoo Jin ChangAssistant ProfessorMechanical Engineering(414) 229-6614wjchang@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1113
profile photoRussell CuhelSenior ScientistSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1711rcuhel@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building

Microbiogeochemical ecophysiology, physical-chemical-biological coupling, time series analysis, hydrothermal vents, lithotrophy

profile photoJennifer D'AlessioResearch TechnicianSchool of Freshwater Sciencesdalessi5@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoJoshua DelvauxGraduate StudentSchool Of Freshwater Sciencedelvaux@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoDong-Fang DengSenior ScientistSchool of Freshwater Sciencesdengd@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoDeborah DilaAssociate ResearcherSchool of Freshwater Sciencesdila@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoNancy FrankAssociate ProfessorUrban Planning(414) 229-5372frankn@uwm.eduArch & Urban Planning 340
profile photoLindsay FrostCareer Development ManagerSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1783lgfrost@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoWayne GardnerProfessorUniversity of Texas, Austin
profile photoDavid GarmanAssociate Vice Chancellor for Water Technology, Research, & Development; ProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciencesgarmand@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 111C

Water resources and pollution control, environmental technologies, management policy and strategic analysis

profile photoFrederick GoetzAdjunct ProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1700rick@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 100
profile photoBrandon GrossResearch SpecialistSchool of Freshwater Sciencesbmgross@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoJessie GrowResearch SpecialistSchool of Freshwater Scienceprepodn2@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoTim GrundlAssociate Dean of AcademicsSchool of Freshwater Sciences and Department of Geosciences(414) 229-4765grundl@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 2007

Groundwater chemistry, contaminant transport and degradation, environmental tracers

profile photoLaodong GuoProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1742guol@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 3009

Biogeochemistry, carbon cycle, colloids and nanparticles, stable isotopes, radionuclides, environmental change

profile photoJodi HabushAdjunct ProfessorSchool of Freshwater Scienceshabush@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoRichard HakeResrch Vessel Crew LeaderSchool of Freshwater Scienceshake@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoWeon HanAssistant ProfessorGeosciences - General(414) 229-2493hanw@uwm.eduLapham Hall 348
profile photoThomas HansenSenior Information Processing ConsultantSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1728tomh@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoLinda HorbinskiFinancial Specialist SeniorSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1700horbs@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 100
profile photoReinhold HutzProfessorBiosciences(414) 229-5416rjhutz@uwm.eduLapham Hall 511
profile photoJohn JanssenProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1733jjanssen@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 117/169

Fisheries ecology, biological oceanography

profile photoJerry KasterAssociate ProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciences(262) 949-0842jlk@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 3033

Function and evolution of freshwater and marine invertebrates

profile photoMyron KebusAdjunct InstructorSchool of Freshwater Sciences(608)
profile photoRad KeenerResearch TechnicianSchool of Freshwater Scienceskeener@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoJenny KehlAssociate Professor, Director of the Center for Water PolicySchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1700kehl@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 2003B

Water security, water policy, political economy, resolution of issues related to water extraction and resource allocation, and transboundary water governance.

profile photoJulie KinzelmanResearch ScientistCity of Racine Health Department
profile photoRebecca KlaperProfessor, Director of the Great Lake Genomics CenterSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1713rklaper@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 2009/163

Genomics, emerging contaminants, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials, toxicology, nantoxicology, ecology, biomarkers, water policy

profile photoRebekah KlinglerPost-Doc Research AssociateSchool Of Freshwater Scienceklinglr@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building Carvan Lab
profile photoJ. Val KlumpSenior Director and Associate Dean of ResearchSchool of Freshwater Sciences, Director of Great Lakes Water Institute(414) 382-1715vklump@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 3075/135

Biogeochemsitry, limnology, radiochemistry, nutrient and carbon cycling, observing systems

profile photoMal- J. Val KlumpSenior Director and Associate Dean of ResearchSchool Of Freshwater Science, Director of Great Lakes Water Institute(414) 382-1715vklump@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 3075/135

Biogeochemsitry, limnology, radiochemistry, nutrient and carbon cycling, observing systems

profile photoTimothy LarsonResearch TechnicianSchool of Freshwater Sciencestrlarson@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoMark LaustenLaboratory ManagerSchool of Freshwater SciencesGLRF Main Building
profile photoEric LeafAssistant Dean of AdvancementSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1769leafe@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoPeng LinPost-Doc Research AssociateSchool Of Freshwater Sciencelin25@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building Guo Lab
profile photoSarah LovernAssistant ProfessorConcordia University of Wisconsin
profile photoSandra MclellanProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1747mclellan@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 130/131

Bacterial genetics, fecal pollution, fate and transport of bacteria, pathogens in the environment, beach closings

profile photoRandy MetzgerInstrument Maker-JourneySchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1720rmetzger@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoRyan NewtonAssistant ProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciencesnewtonr@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building GLRF 3041

microbial ecology, genome & sequence analysis, aquatic system dynamics, microbial systematics

profile photoChristopher NeyLaboratory ManagerSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1700cney@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 141
profile photoJeff NueseResearcherSchool of Freshwater Sciencesjcnuese@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoNicole OakeHuman Resources AssistantSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1700nicoleb@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 111
profile photoNina OttmanAssistant Dean of Budget and FinanceSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1724ottman@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 111E
profile photoRobert PaddockAssistant Dean of Facilities and Marine OperationsSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1745rpaddock@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 100
profile photoJill PaddockSenior Communications SpecialistSchool of Freshwater Sciencespaddockj@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoDeidre PeroffAdjunct InstructorSchool of Freshwater Sciences
profile photoMargret PetrieAssistant Dean of Academics and Student ServicesSchool of Freshwater Sciences414-382-1704petriem@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building GLRF 1041
profile photoErica PleshaResearch TechnicianSchool of Freshwater Sciencesplesha@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoLinda ReidAdjunct ProfessorSchool of Freshwater
profile photoCharles RemsenProfessor EmeritusBiosciences(414) 382-1727ccremsen@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 111A
profile photoPaul RoebberDistinguished Professorroebber@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences W428

Air-water interactions, synoptic-dynamic and mesoscale meteorology, numerical modeling, data analysis

profile photoAngela SchmoldtResearch SpecialistSchool of Freshwater Sciencesangelas@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoOsvaldo Jhonatan Sepulveda VilletAssistant ProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1740sepulveo@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 3017

Molecular ecology, population genetics, aquaculture techniques, Great Lakes biotics and abiotics

profile photoMatthew SmithAssistant ProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1700smith926@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building

Instrumentation and sensor development, automation of molecular biological methods, in situ chemical and biological detection in aqueous environments

profile photoGregory StamatelakysResearch Vessel CaptainSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1709skeg@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoJ. Rudi StricklerProfessorBiosciences(414) 382-1740jrs@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 137
profile photoLiz SuttonOutreach Program ManagerSchool of Freshwater Sciences414-382-1718emsutton@uwm.eduGreat Lakes Research Facility
profile photoAaron ThielResearch ManagerSchool of Freshwater Sciencesthiela@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoBenjamin TurschakGraduate StudentSchool Of Freshwater Scienceturschak@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoAva UdvadiaAssociate ProfessorBiosciences(414) 382-1750audvadia@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 115
profile photoEmily VossMarketing SpecialistSchool of Freshwater Scienceseevoss@uwm.eduGreat Lakes Research Facility
profile photoJames WaplesAssistant ProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciences(414) 382-1741jwaples@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 2017

Biogeochemistry, carbon cycling, radiochemistry

profile photoKatie WipfliOutreach Curriculum SpecialistSchool of Freshwater Scienceskwipfli@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
profile photoShangping XuAssociate ProfessorGeosciences - General(414) 229-6148xus@uwm.eduLapham Hall 352
profile photoErica YoungAssociate ProfessorBiosciences(414) 229-3257ebyoung@uwm.eduLapham Hall 593
profile photoSharon ZsebeResearch TechnicianSchool of Freshwater Scienceszsebe@uwm.eduGreat Lakes Research Facility