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Carmen AguilarAssociate ScientistSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1755aguilar@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 114

Effects of invasive species on food web interactions and ecophysiology

Geoffrey AndersonResearch Vessel Crew LeaderSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1709andersog@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Patrick AndersonResearcherSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1731pda2@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 1053
Gregory BarskeInstrument Shop CoordinatorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1720greg@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Ramiro BerardoAssistant ProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1725berardo@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 2003E

Political science, cooperation and coordination in water policy networks, water resources management, and social capital.

John BergesProfessorBiosciences(414) 229-3258berges@uwm.eduLapham Hall S587
Jacob BillResearch SpecialistSchool of Freshwater Sciences jsbill@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Fred BinkowskiSenior ScientistSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1723sturgeon@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 174B

Fisheries biology, lake sturgeon biology, early life history of Great Lakes fishes, aquaculture, urban aquaculture

Harvey BootsmaAssociate ProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1717hbootsma@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 2087/2054

Tropical limnology, nutrient cycling, food webs, carbon dynamics

Melinda BootsmaChemistSchool Of Freshwater Science bootsma@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Patricia BowerResearch TechnicianSchool Of Freshwater Science pbower@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Dylan BrayResearch TechnicianSchool of Freshwater Sciences dabray@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Arthur BrooksProfessor EmeritusBiosciences(414) 229-4552abrooks@uwm.eduLapham Hall 395
Bruce BrownAssociate Professor EmeritusGeosciences - General(414) 382-1716xski@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 197
Michael CarvanShaw Associate ProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1706carvanmj@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building

Toxicology, toxicogenomics, epigenetics, behavioral toxicology, gene-environment-disease/dysfunction interactions

Woo Jin ChangAssistant ProfessorMechanical Engineering(414) 229-6614wjchang@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1113
Thomas ConsiAssistant ProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1739consi@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building

Marine robotics, marine scientific instrumentation, engineering education

Russell CuhelSenior Scientist, Microbiogeochemical EcophysiologySchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1711rcuhel@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building

Microbiogeochemical ecophysiology, physical-chemical-biological coupling, time series analysis, hydrothermal vents, lithotrophy

Dong-Fang DengSenior ScientistSchool of Freshwater Sciences dengd@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Deborah DilaSenior Research SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science dila@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Gustavo DominguezPost-Doc Research AssociateSchool Of Freshwater Science domingug@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building Klaper Lab
Erika DonnellyFinancial SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1700donnelle@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Zachery DriscollResearch TechnicianSchool Of Freshwater Science zgd@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Jenny FisherPost-Doc Research AssociateSchool Of Freshwater Science fisher26@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building McLellan Lab
Joan FloresFinancial SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1700jflores@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Nancy FrankAssociate ProfessorUrban Planning(414) 229-5372frankn@uwm.eduArch & Urban Planning 340
Lindsay FrostCareer Development ManagerSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1783lgfrost@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Wayne GardnerProfessorUniversity of Texas, Austin   
David GarmanDeanSchool Of Freshwater Science garmand@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 111C

Environmental management from water resources and pollution control through to new environmental technologies, covering all aspects of measurement,
management policy and strategic analysis

Frederick GoetzAdjunct ProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1700rick@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 100
Brandon GrossResearch SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science bmgross@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Tim GrundlProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science and Department of Geosciences(414) 229-4765grundl@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 2007

Groundwater chemistry, contaminant transport and degradation, environmental tracers

Laodong GuoProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1742guol@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 3009

Biogeochemistry, carbon cycle, colloids and nanparticles, stable isotopes, radionuclides, environmental change

Gerald GuyerResearch TechnicianSchool Of Freshwater Science guyer@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Richard HakeResrch Vessel Crew LeaderSchool Of Freshwater Science hake@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Weon HanAssistant ProfessorGeosciences - General(414) 229-2493hanw@uwm.eduLapham Hall 348
Thomas HansenSenior Information Processing ConsultantSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1728tomh@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Jane HarrisonAdjunct InstructorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 
Henry HebertChemistSchool Of Freshwater Science heberth@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Brooklyn HenkeAcademic Program AssistantSchool Of Freshwater Science bmhenke@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Linda HorbinskiFinancial SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1700horbs@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 100
Raymond HoveyBioinformatics Research SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science rhovey@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Reinhold HutzProfessorBiosciences(414) 229-5416rjhutz@uwm.eduLapham Hall 511
John JanssenProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1733jjanssen@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 117/169

Fisheries ecology, biological oceanography

Jerry KasterAssociate ProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(262) 949-0842jlk@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 3033

Function and evolution of freshwater and marine invertebrates

Myron KebusAdjunct InstructorSchool Of Freshwater Science(608) 
Rad KeenerResearch TechnicianSchool Of Freshwater Science keener@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Jenny KehlAssociate Professor, Director of the Center for Water PolicySchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1700kehl@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 2003B

Water security, water policy, political economy, resolution of issues related to water extraction and resource allocation, and transboundary water governance.

Julie KinzelmanResearch ScientistCity of Racine Health Department   
Rebecca KlaperProfessor, Director of the Great Lake Genomics CenterSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1713rklaper@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 2009/163

Genomics, emerging contaminants, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials, toxicology, nantoxicology, ecology, biomarkers, water policy

Rebekah KlinglerPost-Doc Research AssociateSchool Of Freshwater Science klinglr@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building Carvan Lab
J. Val KlumpAssociate Dean of ResearchSchool Of Freshwater Science, Director of Great Lakes Water Institute(414) 382-1715vklump@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 3075/135

Biogeochemsitry, limnology, radiochemistry, nutrient and carbon cycling, observing systems

Dirk KoopmansPost-Doc Research AssociateSchool Of Freshwater Science koopmans@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building Klump's Lab
Timothy LarsonResearch TechnicianSchool Of Freshwater Science trlarson@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Mark LaustonLaboratory ManagerSchool of Freshwater Science  GLRF Main Building
Eric LeafDirector of DevelopmentSchool of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1769leafe@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Peng LinPost-Doc Research AssociateSchool Of Freshwater Science lin25@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building Guo Lab
Sarah LovernAssistant ProfessorConcordia University of Wisconsin   
James LubnerEmeritus Adjunct ProfessorDepartment of Geosciences   
Peter McAvoyAdjunct ProfessorWater Policy Consultant   
Sandra MclellanProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1747mclellan@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 130/131

Bacterial genetics, fecal pollution, fate and transport of bacteria, pathogens in the environment, beach closings

Randy MetzgerInstrument Maker-JourneySchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1720rmetzger@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Andrew MeyerResearch SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science meyeraj@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Ryan NewtonPost-Doc Research AssociateSchool Of Freshwater Science newtonr@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building McLellan Lab
Christopher NeyLaboratory ManagerSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1720cney@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 141
Nicholas NiemuthResearch SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science niemuthn@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Jeff NueseResearcherSchool Of Freshwater Science jcnuese@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Nicole OakeHuman Resources AssistantSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1700nicoleb@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 111
Nina OttmanAssistant DeanSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1724ottman@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 111E
Robert PaddockAssistant Dean of Facilities and Marine OperationsSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1745rpaddock@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 100
Jill PaddockSenior Communications SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science paddockj@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Margret PetrieAssistant Director, Center for Water PolicySchool Of Freshwater Science(414)382-1725petriem@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building GLRF 2003C
Jessie PrepodnikResearch SpecialistSchool of Freshwater Science prepodn2@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Linda ReidAdjunct ProfessorSchool of Freshwater Science reidl@uww.eduGLRF Main Building
Charles RemsenProfessor EmeritusBiosciences(414) 382-1727ccremsen@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 111A
Paul RoebberAssociate Dean of Academic and Administrative AffairsSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 229-3950roebber@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences W428

Air-water interactions, synoptic-dynamic and mesoscale meteorology, numerical modeling, data analysis

Angela SchmoldtResearch SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science angelas@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Stefan SchnitzerProfessorSchool of Freshwater Sciences s1@uwm.eduGreat Lakes Research Facility

Plant community ecology/tropical forest ecology; plant species diversity, coexistence, and distribution; negative feedback from soil biota as a mechanism to maintain diversity; disturbances in the maintenance of plant species diversity; tropical and temperate forest dynamics and regeneration; plant competition and facilitation; ecology of lianas (woody vines); effects of terrestrial plant communities on freshwater ecosystems

Osvaldo Jhonatan Sepulveda VilletAssistant ProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1740sepulveo@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 3017

Molecular ecology, population genetics, aquaculture techniques, Great Lakes biotics and abiotics

Zack ShanaAdjunct InstructorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 229-4836shanaz@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E403
Scott SlickResearch TechnicianSchool Of Freshwater Science slick@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Matthew SmithAssistant ProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1700smith926@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building

Instrumentation and sensor development, automation of molecular biological methods, in situ chemical and biological detection in aqueous environments

Gregory StamatelakysResearch Vessel CaptainSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1709skeg@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
J. Rudi StricklerProfessorBiosciences(414) 382-1740jrs@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 137
Liz SuttonOutreach Program ManagerSchool of Freshwater Sciences414-382-1718emsutton@uwm.eduGreat Lakes Research Facility
Donald SzmaniaResearch SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science sd@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Aaron ThielResearch ManagerSchool Of Freshwater Science thiela@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Benjamin TurschakResearch TechnicianSchool Of Freshwater Science turschak@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Ava UdvadiaAssociate ProfessorBiosciences(414) 382-1750audvadia@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 115
Jessica VandeWalleAssistant ResearcherSchool of Freshwater Science vandewa3@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
James WaplesAssistant ProfessorSchool Of Freshwater Science(414) 382-1741jwaples@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building 2017

Biogeochemistry, carbon cycling, radiochemistry

Kim WeckerlySenior Research SpecialistSchool Of Freshwater Science weckerly@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building
Shangping XuAssociate ProfessorGeosciences - General(414) 229-6148xus@uwm.eduLapham Hall 352
Erica YoungAssociate ProfessorBiosciences(414) 229-3257ebyoung@uwm.eduLapham Hall 593
Zhengzhen ZhouPost-Doc Research AssociateSchool Of Freshwater Science zhou9@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building Guo Lab
Ai ZiarekPost-Doc Research AssociateSchool Of Freshwater Science anihongi@uwm.eduGLRF Main Building Strickler Lab