Water Field Adventure

Freshwater Ecosystem & Investigative Reporting
5th – 8th Graders

Summer 2015 Marine Mystery

REAL PROBLEM: During the last 10 years the Great Lakes Basin and the surrounding
freshwater areas have been inundated by the introduced specie, the zebra mussel!
Millions of these mussels have crowded out native species, cleared the water column
and posed a danger to the water system. NOW they have become the hunted! A new
introduced mussel called the quagga is the invader.

REAL CHALLENGE: Imagine you and your team of investigative reporters are
challenged to determine who ecologically wins, the zebra mussel or the quagga
mussel and to tell the story to others. To do this you and your team must mount an
investigation using video, digital images and your knowledge of science to search
the Milwaukee River, the River Basin, and Lake Michigan to locate those dreaded
invaders, and identify the abiotic and biotic factors that support them. You must put
your scientific knowledge and journalistic skills together to identify what these
mussels need to live on Lake Michigan and then track them down.