Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

University and federal regulations require that a student be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward a degree to be eligible for financial aid.

SAP is reviewed at the end of each semester, however the calculations are cumulative. SAP consists of two components of measurement: qualitative and quantitative.  The qualitative component is administered by the individual schools and colleges, while the quantitative component is monitored by financial aid.

All students should become familiar with the SAP requirements.  General SAP Information can be found here. Take a look at the following links to learn more specifics about the SAP policy at UWM. Because this policy differs slightly depending on your academic career, be sure to select the appropriate option:

Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students

*For SAP purposes, students enrolled in anything not considered a Graduate degree program are considered Undergraduates.

Students wanting to improve their academic performance and college success are encouraged to take advantage of the services offered by Panther Academic Support Services (PASS).