Elena Gorfinkel

Associate Professor
Film Studies
 (414) 229-2723
 Mitchell Hall 147D


Ph.D., New York University, Cinema Studies

Courses Taught

ArtHist 205 – History of Film 1: Development of an Art, 1895-1945
ArtHist 206 – History of Film 2: Development of an Art, 1945-Present
ArtHist 307 – Women Directors
ArtHist 308 – Cult Film
ArtHist 761 – Contemporary Art Cinema: Sensing Time
ArtHist 761 – The Carnal Screen: Sexuality, Gender & Embodiment in Cinema
FilmStd 590 – Contemporary Film Theory

Research and Teaching Interests

Film History and Historiography
Marginal, cult and experimental cinemas
Global art cinema
Gender and sexuality studies
Women’s filmmaking practice
Cinephilia and film criticism
Film aesthetics
Temporality, corporeality, and the senses

Selected Publications

Gorfinkel, Elena. Sensational Bodies: American Sexploitation Cinema’s Scenes of Looking, 1959-1972. University of Minnesota Press, .
Gorfinkel, Elena. “Exhausted Drift: Austerity, Dispossession and the Politics of Slow in Kelly Reichardt’s Meek’s Cutoff.” Slow Cinema. Ed. De Luca, Tiago, and Barrados Jorge, Nuno. Edinburgh University Press, (2015).
Gorfinkel, Elena. “Secretary (2002): Purple Pose, Indie Masochism, Bruised Romance.” US Independent Film After 1989: Possible Films. Edinburgh University Press, (2015).
Gorfinkel, Elena. “’Wet Dreams: Erotic Film Festivals of the Early 1970s & the Utopian Sexual Public Sphere’ (reprint).” "Sex Scene: Media and the Sexual Revolution". Ed. Schaefer, Eric. Duke University Press, (2014): 30.
Gorfinkel, Elena. “Corpse Corpus Contingency: On Peggy Ahwesh’s Deadman Trilogy.” Screen 55.4 (2014): 514-521.
Gorfinkel, Elena, and Rhodes, John D., eds. “Peggy Ahwesh Dossier.” Screen 55.4 (2014): 490-521.
Gorfinkel, Elena. “Carax’s Oneiric Drive.” In Media Res: A Media Commons Project December 11. (2013): np.
Gorfinkel, Elena. “’Weariness, Waiting: Enduration and Art Cinema’s Tired Bodies’.” Discourse:Journal of Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture 34.2-3 (Spring/Fall 2012) (2013): 311-347.
Gorfinkel, Elena. “’Film After Cinema: Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder’s Light Spill & Museal Materialism’.” INCITE: A Journal of Experimental Media 4. (2013): 226-234.
Gorfinkel, Elena. “’Impossible, Impolitic: Ali Fear Eats the Soul and Fassbinder’s Asynchronous Bodies’.” A Companion to Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Ed. Peucker, Brigitte. Wiley Blackwell, (2012).
Gorfinkel, Elena. “’The Body’s Failed Labor: Performance Work in Sexploitation Cinema’.” Framework: The Journal of Cinema & Media, Wayne State University Press 53.1 Ed. Stutesman, Drake. (2012): 79-98.
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