Public Records

Julie Kipp, University Relations and Communications, has been designated as the legal custodian of all public records maintained at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, except for patient health records that are under the control of the Norris Student Health Center or any other health care provider associated with the university.

This campus of the University of Wisconsin System has normal office hours of 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. Requests to inspect records or to receive copies of records should be made directly to the designated custodian by telephone, e-mail, or in person at Chapman Hall. Requests will be processed as soon as practicable and without delay.

Requesters may be charged $.25 for each copy made, whether hard physical copy, scanned copy, or other electronic copy version. A two-sided hard copy constitutes two pages. Requesters are not permitted to take photographs of records during any in-person records inspection in lieu of requesting copies of documents.

If mailing of records is requested, postal charges will be added to the copying charge. If a search is necessary to locate records, the requesting party will be so advised and may be charged the actual, necessary and direct cost of location, if the cost exceeds $50. If the total costs of any request exceed $5, prepayment of all charges may be required.

The Wisconsin public records law requires this notice to list the following positions at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee that constitute state public office holders:

  • Chancellor
  • Provost/Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
  • Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administrative Affairs
  • Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
  • Vice Chancellor of University Relations and Communications
  • Vice Chancellor of Development & Alumni Relations
  • Vice Chancellor of Global Inclusion and Engagement

Questions and requests should be directed to:

Julie Kipp, Custodian of Public Records

University Relations and Communications

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Chapman Hall 180

Post Office Box 413

Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413

Telephone: 414-229-2849


Electronic Audio and Video Records:

As the Office of Public Records has received a sharp increase in records, it does not possess the resources necessary to handle the processing of electronic audio and video records created by the various departments on campus. Electronic audio and video records most often include body camera, voice and video camera recordings. To keep UW-Milwaukee in compliance with open records law, FERPA, and other legal deadlines, electronic audio and video records are to be redacted first by the home department.

Requests should still be made to Requests will be passed along to the designee in the home department for processing.

It is the responsibility of the home department to view or listen to the whole recording, make any necessary redactions and then contact the Office of Public Records for a final review. The Office of Public Records will then provide a final review of the audio or video record. Please note that the final review will be completed as soon as practicable and without delay.

The home department will complete and sign the mandatory letter explaining any redactions with assistance provided by the Office of Public Records. The Public Records Custodian is available for consultation throughout the process.

Public Records Requests By Month (2015-2018):

2015 2016 2017 2018
January 17 26 27 45
February 38 28 43 69
March 27 51 32
April 32 40 26
May 18 32 34
June 22 26 42
July 18 25 52
August 24 45 34
September 18 34 59
October 27 37 69
November 40 26 68
December 30 24 54
Total 311 394 540 114