MITTA Assessment

The MITAA (Milwaukee International Teaching Assistant Assessment) is conducted by a panel of three evaluators: one Department representative and two ESL staff members. There is no charge for the MITAA.

Before your MITAA:

  • Prepare a 10-minute presentation relating to your major geared toward a freshman or sophomore level. A white board is available. Handouts are strongly recommended for the committee (4 copies).
  • Coordinate time slots with a department representative. If you do not know a representative in your department, please contact the ESL office. A department rep MUST attend your MITAA.
  • Contact the ESL office for MITAA time slot availability. Your time will be confirmed with an email from the ESL.

The assessment consists of three components:

  • a short introductory conversation with the panel on topics such as previous academic preparation or familiarity with the U.S. university environment;
  • a presentation of approximately 10 minutes on a self-selected topic related to the field of study and suitable for first or second year undergraduate students;
  • and a question and answer period of about 5 minutes.

The MITAA is recorded and lasts for about 20-30 minutes.

Assessment Criteria

Overall language ability (12 points)

  • pronunciation
  • grammar
  • fluency
  • intonation

Cultural awareness (12 points)

  • familiarity with cultural code
  • appropriate non-verbal behavior
  • rapport with audience

Communication skills (12 points)

  • development of explanation
  • clarity of expression
  • use of supporting evidence
  • cohesiveness
  • eye contact
  • use of visual aids
  • enthusiasm/presence

Interaction with panel (12 points)

  • listening ability
  • responding to questions
  • clarifying information

The candidate is rated on a scale of 48 total possible points.
UW-MITAA: 36-48 – PASS
UW-MITAA: 30-35 – Additional class training required concurrent with TA teaching assignment
UW-MITAA: 29 or less – Additional class training required before TA teaching assignment


The MITAA is given four times throughout the year, before the start and at the end of each semester: August, December, January and May. Advance registration is required. To schedule an assessment, fill out the MITAA registration form and contact the ESL Office.

A Department representative must be available to participate in the assessment.