May 20th: End of Spring 2017

Farewell, students of the Spring 2017 term! And here we come Summer! Intensive English Program classes will begin again on June 28th. In the meantime, check out this fun video final project that students in James’ B2/C1 Cooperative & Productive Skills class put together! You can watch it here.

The B2-C1 Cooperative and Productive Skills class (CPS) created videos for their final project.  Students worked together to choose a topic and write a script for their videos.  Then they recorded video clips with their smart phones or video cameras and edited them together using smart phone or computer apps.  Students took about two weeks to write, record, and edit their videos and the final products show a lot of creativity.  Click the link below to see a funny video produced by Wahayeb Al Bekhayet, Hiba Al Issa, Huda Alsharif, Vittorio Arrigotti, Nhi Duong, Minh Hoang, Nahin Mousa, and Ricardo Rivera.  We had a lot of fun making these videos and we practiced using our English for real-life communication and negotiation.  We hope you enjoy it!