Hate crime, also referred to as bias-motivated crime, is when a person is attacked for being associated with a certain social, ethnic, or religious organization, or for their sexual orientation, nationality, physical appearance, handicap, or gender identity.

Hate crimes are often considered to be ‘message crimes,’ where the offender uses the crime to send a clear message to the targeted person or group.

UWM defines a hate or bias-motivated incident as any disruptive conduct (oral, written, graphic or physical) that is against an individual, or individuals, because of their actual, or perceived protected status as defined by S-47, UWM’s Discriminatory Conduct Policy.

UWM urges all members of the campus community to report any hate/bias incident that has occurred on 1) UWM property, buildings or housing; and/or 2) UWM sponsored events or activities, regardless of location.

If you wish to report a hate/bias incident, please go to https://www4.uwm.edu/eds/hatebias/form/index.cfm?a1=edit. You may also contact our office at 414-229-5923 or stop by Mitchell Hall, Rm. 359.