Minowakiing Chibizhiwag Dewe’igan

(The Milwaukee Panthers Drum)

The current care taker of the drum is UWM student, Nathon Breu. For his Honor’s Senior Thesis, he wrote about the history of the Anishinaabek Big Drum. How this one specific, Gete Dewe’igan, and how this dewe’igan came to be part of the community, and how she functions to promote well-being in this community. You can read this essay via a PDF here: Minowakiing Chibizhiwag Dewe’igan

48th Algonquian Conference (2016)

The 48th Algonquian Conference is hosted by the Electa Quinney Institute for American Indian Education at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Events will be held on the UWM Campus with the Saturday celebration dinner at the Indian Community School…. Read More