Undergraduate Courses

Fall 2015

ENG 454 | Milton

Gwynne Kennedy
Section 1 | MW, 11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

The major text for the course will be John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost, whose profound influence on later generations of writers and readers continues in popular culture today—in advertising, cartoons, television, movies, and fiction (Philip Pullman’s Golden Compass, e.g.). In this course, you will also read some of Milton’s prose and other poems. Familiarity with Milton’s era (the seventeenth-century) is not required; literary criticism and historical materials will provide context for his life and writings.

Reading Paradise Lost is a challenging and immensely rewarding epic experience. Participation in class discussions and completion of weekly short responses tied to the assigned reading are essential. In addition, to the responses, there will be two short papers, a mid-term, and creative final exam/paper.

The professor highly recommends Barbara Lewalski’s 2007 edition of Paradise Lost, which you can find online or in the UWM Bookstore (ISBN 10: 1405129298 or ISBN 13: 978-1405129299). There will be a short reader available at Clark Graphics; last time the cost was roughly $12.

This course satisfies the pre-1800 requirement.

For more information, contact Gwynne Kennedy at gkennedy@uwm.edu.