Stuart Moulthrop

 (414) 229-4511
 Curtin Hall 439



PhD, Yale

Research Interests:

Electronic literature
Cybertext theory
Game culture
Digital media

Recent Publications:

Moulthrop, Stuart A. Lift This End: Electronic Literature in a Blue Light. Electronic Book Review, 2013.
Moulthrop, Stuart A. “’To Mandelbrot in Heaven’ introduction.” Memory Machines: The Evolution of Hypertext Anthem Press, (2013).
Moulthrop, Stuart A. “SC4NDA1 in New Media.” Dichtung Digital 41. (2012).
Moulthrop, Stuart A. “Error 1337.” Error: Glitch, Noise, and Jam in New Media Cultures Ed. Nunes, Mark. Continuum Press, (2010): 254-70.
Moulthrop, Stuart A. “Watchmen Meets The Aristocrats.” Postmodern Culture 19.2 (2009).