PhD, University of Leiden, the Netherlands
BA & MA, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
José Lanters' CV

Research Interests:

Irish Literature and Culture

Teaching Interests:

Irish Literature and Culture
Modern British Literature

Other Relevant Activities:

Past President, American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS)
Vice Chair for North America, International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL), 2006-present.
Faculty Co-Director, UWM Center for Celtic Studies

Selected Recent Publications:

Lanters, José. “Thomas Kilroy and the Idea of a Theatre.” The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish Theatre. Ed. Nicholas Grene and Chris Morash. Oxford University Press, (2016): 337-53.
Beyond Realism: Experimental and Unconventional Irish Drama since the Revival. Brill/Rodopi, 2015: 234 pp.
Lanters, José. “Queer Creatures, Queer Place: Otherness and Normativity in Irish Drama from Synge to Friel.” The Irish Theatre in Transition: From the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twenty-First Century. Ed. Donald Morse. Palgrave Macmillan, (2015): 54-67.
Lanters, José. “'We'll Be the Judges of That': The Critical Reception of DruidSynge in the USA.” Irish Drama: Local and Global Perspectives. Ed. Nicholas Grene and Patrick Lonergan. Carysfort Press, (2012): 35-47.
Lanters, José. “Kilroy's Wedekind: From Spring Awakening to Christ, Deliver Us!.” Ireland in Drama, Film, and Popular Culture. Ed. Sandra Mayer, Julia Novak, and Margarete Rubik. Wissenschaflicher Verlag Trier, (2012): 21-27.
Lanters, José. “'Like Tottenham': Martin McDonagh's Postmodern Morality Tales.” The Theatre and Films of Martin McDonagh. Ed. Patrick Lonergan. Methuen, (2012): 165-78.
Lanters, José. “New Mind over Old matter: The Evolution of Too Late for Logic.” Alive in Time. The Enduring Drama of Tom Murphy: New Essays. Ed. Christopher Murray. Carysfort Press, (2010): 165-87.
Lanters, José. The 'Tinkers' in Irish Literature: Unsettled Subjects and the Construction of Difference. Irish Academic Press, 2008: 238 pp.
Lanters, José. Unauthorized Versions: Irish Menippean Satire, 1919-1952. Catholic University of America Press, 2000: 287 pp.