Kincaid, Andrew

Associate Professor
English - General
Kincaid, Andrew


MA & PhD, Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, University of Minnesota
BA, Trinity College, Dublin

Research Interests:

Postcolonial Theory
Irish Studies

Teaching Interests:

Literary and Critical Theory
Modern Literature
Global/Postcolonial Literature
Irish Studies

Other Relevant Activities:

Advisory Board of Center for Celtic Studies
Advisory Board of Modern Studies

Recent Publications:

Kincaid, Andrew F., and Kincaid, Andrew F. Daily Life in Dublin: From War to Shopping, From Politics to Tourism. Breac, 2016.
Kincaid, Andrew F., and Rogers, James. ““‘Somewhere in Infinite Space’: John Mitchel’s Jail Journal and Oceanic Literature”.” New Hibernia Review 20.3 Ed. James Rogers. (2016): 19-38.
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