Grayson, Sandra

Grayson, Sandra



PhD, University of California, Riverside
MA, California State University, Long Beach
BA, Hawaii Pacific University

Teaching Interests:

African American Literature and Film
African Literature and Film

Selected Publications:

Grayson, Sandra M. “Athena’s Advice and Academia: Mentoring and the Marginalized.” The International Journal of Humanities Education 14.3 (2016): 11-20.
Grayson, Sandra M. “Bipolar Diversity: Recruitment and the Revolving Door.” The International Journal of Civic, Political, and Community Studies 14.1 (2015): 1-10.
Grayson, Sandra M. 'Beyond 'Natural' Mentoring: Maintaining a Mentoring Culture in the Academy'. 2014 Mentoring Conference Proceedings, 2014: 565-568.
Grayson, Sandra M. A Literary Revolution: In the Spirit of the Harlem Renaissance. University Press of America, 2008.
Grayson, Sandra M., and Falaiye, Muyiwa. Sparks of Resistance, Flames of Change: Black Communities and Activism. Foresight Press, 2005.
Grayson, Sandra M. Visions of the Third Millennium: Black Science Fiction Novelists Write the Future. Africa World Press, 2002.
Grayson, Sandra M. Symbolizing the Past: Reading Sankofa, Daughters of the Dust, and Eve’s Bayou as Histories. University Press of America, 2000.