S. Scott Graham

Assistant Professor
 (414) 229-4511
 Curtin Hall 427



PhD, Rhetoric and Professional Communication, Iowa State University, 2010
MA, Rhetoric, Composition and Professional Communication, Iowa State University, 2006
BA, Philosophy, Eckerd College, 2003

Research Interests:

Rhetoric of science and medicine
The science-policy interface
Interdisciplinary medical communication
New materialisms and multiple ontologies

Teaching Interests:

Rhetoric of science and medicine
Critical/cultural technical communication
Health and medical writing
Document design

Selected Publications:

Graham, S. The Politics of Pain. University of Chicago Press.
Teston, C.B. , Graham, S., Baldwinson, R., Li, A., & Swift, J. Ontological multiplicity: negotiating “clinical benefit” in the FDA’s Avastin Hearing. Journal of Medical Humanities, 35 , 149-170.
Graham, S., & Herndl, C.G. (2013). Multiple ontologies in pain management: Towards a postplural rhetoric of science. Technical Communication Quarterly, Routledge, 22 , 103-125.
Graham, S. (2011). Dis-ease or disease? Ontological rarefaction in the medical-industrial complex. Journal of Medical Humanities, 32(3), 167-187.
Graham, S., & Herndl, C.G. (2011). Talking off-label: A nonmodern science of pain in the medical-industrial complex. Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 42(2), 145-167.
Graham, S. (2009). Agency and the rhetoric of medicine: Biomedical brain scans and the ontology of fibromyalgia. Technical Communication Quarterly, 18(4), 376-404.