David Clark

Associate Dean
 Holton Hall 244



PhD, Rhetoric and Professional Communication, Iowa State University, 2001
MA, English Literary Studies, Iowa State University, 1995

Research Interests:

My research focuses on content management, information design, the rhetoric of technology, and writing pedagogy.

Teaching Interests:

Technical Writing
Content Management
Document and Information Design
Information Architecture
Rhetoric of Technology
Social Networking

Other Relevant Activities:

Designing and coding data-driven web sites. Developing and implementing technical writing courses in alternative settings using a wide range of pedagogical tools.

Recent Publications:

Tatiana, Batova, Daniel, Card, and Clark, David P. Challenges of Lean Customer Discovery as Invention. IEEE Proceedings of the International Professional Communication Conference, 2016.
Clark, David P. “Content Strategy: An Integrative Literature Review.” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 59.1 (2016): 7-23.
Batova, Tatiana, and Clark, David P. “The Complexities of Globalized Content Management.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication 29.2 (2015): 221-235.
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Clark, David P. “Rhetorical challenges and concerns in enterprise content management.” Enterprise Content Management: Foundations and Cases. Ed. vom Brocke, Jan, and Simons, Alexander. Springer Publishing, (2013).
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Clark, David P. “Content Management and the Separation of Presentation and Content.” Technical Communication Quarterly 17.1. (2008): 35-60.
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Clark, David P., and Andersen, Rebekka. “Re-negotiating with Technology: Training Towards More Sustainable Technical Communication.” Technical Communication 52:3. (2005): 289-301.