Started by Carolyn Washburne in 1998, our internship program fosters development of valuable workplace skills and experiences while combining coursework and writing abilities. During the internship, students synthesize course and work experiences through progress reports, class discussion, instructor conferences, and a final paper. We have myriad internships arranged with a variety of local, regional, and national organizations and businesses in the following fields:

  • Technical Writing
  • Corporate Communications
  • Publishing
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising

Interning for Credit

The English Department maintains an English Internship Program (English 449) that places students in a participating local company. English 449 can be taken for a maximum of four credits each semester and retaken for a total of nine credits.


Internship placements range from small companies such as Woodland Pattern Book Center and Outpost Exchange, to larger companies such as RedPrairie and Johnson Controls. The amount and diversity of participating companies and organizations allows for students to tailor the internship experience to specific career goals.

Internship Coordinator

For further information, contact the Coordinator of the Internship Program in Professional Writing, Dr. Rachel Spilka.