Gerald Alred (Emeritus) Professional writing theory and pedagogy, cross-cultural theory and professional writing, bibliographic research, negative messages in business communication

Dave Clark Rhetoric of technology and management; content management and single sourcing; information design; writing pedagogy

S. Scott Graham Rhetoric of science and medicine; science-policy interface; interdisciplinary medical communication; new materialisms and multiple ontologies; critical/cultural technical communication; health and medical writing; document design

William Keith Public argument and public deliberation; rhetoric and argumentation in science and technology; history of speech and writing pedagogies; disciplinary histories

Patricia Mayes Discourse, sociolinguistics, language and identity, language and power

Peter Sands Intellectual property law, digital writing and art, nineteenth-century American literature and culture, online teaching and writing, utopianism and science fiction

Rachel Spilka Professional writing theory and research, technical editing, business writing and advanced business writing, project management, issues of quality and contextualization, changing notions of audience, identity and exclusion issues for minority students

William Van Pelt Cultural factors in international web design; rhetorical theory; communication, writing, and information technology; poetics and literary criticism; online pedagogy and writing; Romanticism in English literature and culture

Shevaun Watson Composition theory, writing program administration, early African American rhetoric and literacy, race and public memory