Vijay Prashad Lecture “In the Ruins of the Present,” Friday March 3rd, 3:30pm

Vijay Prashad, Professor of International Studies and the George and Martha Kellner Chair of South Asian History at Trinity College, will deliver a lecture, “In the Ruins of the Present: Neoliberalism has failed, cruel populism has us by the throat” in the Golda Meir Library’s 4th Floor conference center on Friday, March 3rd at 3:30pm.

This event is presented by the Vilas Trust and the UWM Center for International Education.

Graduate Students Present at 4W Summit on Women, Gender and Well-being at UW-Madison

The English department was well represented at the 4W Summit on Women, Gender and Well-being at UW-Madison on April 15th and 16th. Here are the names and titles of presentations of people from our department: “What Should Anna Duggar Do? A Discourse Analysis… Read More

Sherri H. Hoffman to Present at NEXUS 2016 Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference

Congratulations to Sherri H. Hoffman on her upcoming presentation of “The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Using Affect to Map Global Potentialities.” Sherri will present at the NEXUS 2016 Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference: Alt + Shift: Unlocking Alternative Methodologies and Marginal Positions, March 3-5, at the… Read More

Louise Zamparutti Presents at “Italy and Documentaries” Conference

Congratulations to Louise Zamparutti who presented “Il Cuore nel Pozzo: Ethical Implications of a Pseudo-Documentary” at the “Italy and Documentaries” Conference that took place at UCLA January 14-16. This conference seeks to investigate how documentaries, with their various approaches and genres, have… Read More

Louise Zamparutti Presents at the University of Oslo, Norway

Congratulations to Louise Zamparutti, who presented her paper “Victims, Martyrs, and Brava Gente Past and Present: Constructing a National Symbol in Italy” for the symposium National Symbols Across Time and Space at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Avery Edenfield Presents in Kansas City

Congratulations to Avery Edenfield and Fredrik O. Andersson whose proposal, “The emergence of the dominant coalition: a case study of the Riverwest Public House Cooperative,” was accepted for the upcoming conference, Complications and Conundrums: The New Era of Research on… Read More

Fred Jandt Presents at UW-Stout Menomonie

Congratulations to Professional and Technical Writing graduate student Fred Jandt whose proposal “Internet Gremlins: Unchecked Hashtag Growth and Digital Evolution Conundrums” was accepted for the 2015 Computers and Writing Conference!

Louise Zamparutti Presents at UCLA

Congratulations to Louise Zamparutti for who presenting her paper “Re-creating national identity through narratives of victimhood” at the UCLA Graduate Student Conference January 23-24!

Katharine Monger Presents in Tampa

A Rhetoric and Composition graduate student presents at CCCC

SAMComm presents in Chicago

SAMComm student and faculty present for NCA and ARST