UWM Erects Wind Turbine: First Step in Development of Public Microgrid


The latest achievement of UWM’s College of Engineering and Applied Science is hard to miss. Standing 100-feet high, the 10-kilowatt wind turbine is located in the UWM University Services & Research Building parking lot at 115 E. Reindl Way, just north of Capital Drive. It is the first piece of infrastructure in a planned microgrid system that will be used to conduct research on the generation, integration, storage, and management of energy from distributed generation sources. The project is led by Professor Adel Nasiri and coordinated by the Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC).

The goal is for the microgrid to act as a free-standing power source that can provide electricity to the surrounding area and send it into the electrical grid. Microgrids are gaining attention as a means to address the expense, loss of productivity and security risks associated with power outages. This system, which combines power generated from wind, solar, natural gas and battery, is poised to be the first public microgrid in the state.