Talk It Up: Engineering Poster Competition Focuses on Research and Communication


It’s one thing to research a game-changing system or tool. It’s quite another to explain and defend findings. In life, engineers find solutions. What good are solutions if they are not adopted? Engineers need to convince prospective financial investors, partners and colleagues to believe in their work, do things differently, buy or invest in their product, service or solution.

Companies know this is important. That’s why GE Healthcare, DRS Technologies, Eaton Corporation and WE Energies sponsored our annual poster competition Saturday, April 28.

Eighty graduate and undergraduate students presented to about sixty judges. They were evaluated on both their research and how well they present it.

Students competed for up to $1,000 in prizes.  Winners include:


Graduate Students

First place: Whitney Linz, Blood Volume and Oxygenation Changes in the Forearm Muscles of Stroke Patients Measured Using Non-Invasive Surface NIRS

Second Place: Qianyi Zhang, Novel Fe2O3/TiO2 Hybrid Nanowire Membrane for Concurrent Filtration and Removal of pollutants in Water with Anti-fouling Feature

Third Place: Cunyu Zhao, Sulfur-Infiltrated Porous Carbon Microsphere with Controllable Multi-modal Pore Size Distribution for High Energy Lithium-Sulfur

Honorable Mentions:

  • Salman Karbasi, Anderson localized optical fibers
  • Blake Johnson, Biomechanical Assessment of a Life Assist Device in a Jackhammering Task
  • Junling Xie, Numerical Study of Thin Layer Ring on Improving the Ice Formation of Ice Thermal Storage System
  • Guihua Zhou, Hybrid Nanomaterials for Low-cost Detection of Chemicals in Water


Undergraduate Students

First place: Ryan Frazier, Propagation of Entangled Photons Through Experimental Optical Fibers

Second place:  Alexa Hernandez Principe, Muscle Oxygenation During Kneeling with Two Different Ankle Postures

Third place: Aleksey Yermakov, A Multi-Physics Device for Magnetomechanical Testing of Terfenol-D Based Composites

Honorable Mentions:

  • Brady Moe, Sturgeon Tracking Drone;
  • Matthew Cowap, Correlation between Joint Strength and Recovery Ability after Ladder Falls
  • Dung Pham, Using Model Rocket to Conduct Atmospheric Studying

Student’s Choice: Brady Moe, Sturgeon Tracking Drone

About sixty Milwaukee-area business leaders volunteered as well as a number of faculty.

This event is yet another way students connect with business leaders and learn how to apply what they are learning in the real world.

A recent study by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers determined that today’s engineers want tools for better communication at all levels—with coworkers who might be close by, with colleagues far away, with other types of professionals, and with non-engineers making business decisions.