Advanced Analysis Facility

Facility Profile


The AAF is a core research and teaching facility of the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences and serves the entire UWM community. UWM faculty and staff members provide the intellectual component necessary to interpret results after experiments have been conducted.  The AAF can provide opportunities for cooperative partnerships with private industry, including industry-sponsored research, and between UWM and government agencies.

The Industrial Connection

The Advanced Analysis Facility serves industry as a consulting and applied research facility. For industry, AAF staff and faculty affiliates provide expertise which can be applied to solving industrial problems. Faculty/Staff are able to meet with industrial representatives, assess problems, and develop solutions utilizing the appropriate equipment and instrumentation of the Facility. AAF scientists have accumulated years of practical experience in working with companies on applied research projects.

This wealth of experience is a major strength of the AAF approach to industrial research and becomes a real benefit to companies seeking solutions to their analytical problems. The AAF has successfully completed projects for over 30 companies in Southeast Wisconsin over the past seven years.

Analytical Capabilities

Structure Analysis

Structure analysis of solids, including crystallinity, phase analysis, thin film analysis and thickness, surface morphology, composite material analysis, failure analysis.

  • Scintag XDS 2000 X-Ray Diffractometer with high temperature attachment
  • Topcon ABT Scanning Electron Microscope

Optical Spectroscopy

Measurements of electronic and vibrational spectra, reaction kinetics, thin film properties, analysis of small samples, fibers, biological cells, phase and material distribution on the micro scale.

  • Ocean Optics UV-VIS Spectrometer (fiber optics)
  • Mattson Galaxy FTIR Spectrometer
  • Mattson Quantum FTIR Microscope
  • Bruker Vector FTIR Spectrometer with Reflectance and ATR attachments
  • Renishaw Raman Microscope
  • Fluorescent Microscope

Nano Particle Characterization

Particle size distribution and agglomeration (1 to 3000 nm) in solution. Particle surface charge via Zeta Potential (10nm to 3000 nm).

  • Brookhaven Instruments Zeta PALS

Surface Analysis

Chemical analysis of solid surface, measurements of thickness, surface topography and roughness.

  • “EVEX” Energy Dispersive X-Ray  Low Element Analyzer
  • HP 5950A XPS/ESCA Element and Chemical Analyzer
  • Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy (Millbrook MiniSIMS)
  • Atomic Force Microscope (Agilent Technologies 5420)

Thermal Analysis

The study of thermal effects, solid state reactions and phase transformations.

  • TA SDT 2960 Thermo Gravity Analysis/Differential Thermal Analysis instrument equipped with Mass Spectrometer for gas phase analysis

Mechanical Analysis

Nano/Micro Indentation and Scratch: Hardness and Modulus measurements of metals, glasses, ceramics, polymers. Surface profiles, critical load, film delamination, and estimate of plastic deformation

  • Agilent Technologies G200 with High Load and CSM option

Contact Us

The Advanced Analysis Facility (AAF), located in 1262 of the Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS) building, is a long-range development designed to assemble sophisticated scientific equipment that can be used on a shared basis

For more information about the Advanced Analysis Facility, contact Steven E. Hardcastle, Researcher at 414-229-6544/6692.