3D Geometric Modeling, Processing and VisualizationsComputer Science
Advanced Analysis FacilityCollege of Engineering and Applied Science
Advanced Manufacturing and Design Laboratory Mechanical Engineering & Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Bioengineering Initiative for Imaging and TestingIndustrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Bio-Inspired Sciences and Technologies LaboratoryElectrical Engineering
Biophotonics LaboratoryElectrical Engineering
CFD Research LabMechanical Engineering
Complex Systems Simulation LaboratoryMechanical Engineering
Decision Systems and Artificial Intelligence LaboratoryComputer Science
Energy Conversion Efficiency LaboratoryMechanical Engineering
Engineering Mechanics and Composites Research LabCivil & Environmental Engineering
Foundry and Solidification Processing LaboratoryMaterials Science & Engineering
Laboratory for Flow and Transport Studies in Porous MediaMechanical Engineering
Gait Analysis & Biodynamics LabIndustrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Health Care Information Systems, Language ProcessingComputer Science
Image and Signal Processing and Medical InformaticsElectrical Engineering
Logistics and Operations Research LabIndustrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Material Testing and Imaging LaboratoryIndustrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Metal Matrix Composite Research LaboratoryMaterials Science & Engineering
Microbiology Research LaboratoryMechanical Engineering
Multimedia Software LaboratoryComputer Science
Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy and EnvironmentMechanical Engineering
Power Electronics and Electric Drives LaboratoryElectrical Engineering
Spine Biomechanics LabIndustrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Superhydrophobic Engineered Cementitious CompositesCivil & Environmental Engineering
Laboratory for Sustainable and Nano-ManufacturingMechanical Engineering
Turbomachinery Research LaboratoryMechanical Engineering